China News Service, Beijing, February 3 (Reporter Gao Kai) On February 3, China Central Radio and Television held a press conference for the "2023 Lantern Festival Gala". According to reports, the party will present a number of technological innovations and program creation highlights.

  According to reports, the Lantern Festival Gala realized the integrated production of TV and new media, and distributed and disseminated through the all-media platform of the main station; through the application of new technologies such as AR virtual special effects, XR virtual and real fusion production, stereoscopic video and 3D colorful sound, the Improve the immersive effect of program video and audio; the large-screen video, lighting, lifting stage and live sound reinforcement in the studio hall stage fully realize centralized control, and greatly improve the stage visuals, live sound reinforcement effect and safe broadcast level.

  The person in charge of the Art Program Center of China Central Radio and Television said that the Lantern Festival Gala insists on innovation and leadership, and has completed the recording work after careful design and fine polishing.

The party continued the general tone of "joy, auspiciousness and joy", highlighted the theme of happiness, confidence and hard work, and demonstrated the tradition of "lantern festival with colorful lights" through folk songs, operas, rhythmic gymnastics, songs, folk art and other art forms The characteristics of the festive season convey the beautiful atmosphere of lush and beautiful scenery and the festive atmosphere of bright lights.

  According to reports, the Lantern Festival Gala will focus on "Flower Lanterns Shining All Over the Seas". A series of traditional Chinese folk crafts, such as Beijing Lanterns, Qinhuai Lanterns, Xiashi Lanterns, and Chaozhou Lanterns, which have been selected into the national intangible cultural heritage list, will be unveiled at the party. The live shooting of the Lantern Festival in many places in the north, south and China echoed each other, showing the festive colors of beautiful China during the Lantern Festival.

  The opening song of the show invites Zhang Jianguo’s actor Jin Changyong, who has touched hundreds of millions of audiences in this year’s Spring Festival Gala micro-movie "My Spring Festival Gala and Me", to sing a chorus with the live actors to welcome the first full moon of the Year of the Rabbit with joyous singing night of.

The new national music piece "Hundred Phoenixes Chaoyang" was innovatively created by many performers, playing the high-spirited spirit of the Chinese nation.

The new interpretation of "New Blossoms, Good Moon and Full Night" combines Hebei bamboo board script and Suzhou Pingtan to express the connotation of perfection and beauty.

The song "A Strong Army Has Me" sung by the Honor Guard of the Chinese People's Liberation Army shows the blood and responsibility of Chinese soldiers with heroic passion and majestic momentum. "The sonorous oath...

  It is reported that at 20 o'clock on February 5th, China Central Radio and Television's "2023 Lantern Festival Gala" will be broadcast on CCTV's comprehensive channel, variety channel, Chinese International Channel, music channel and other TV channels, as well as the sound of music, classic music broadcasting, and art. Voice of the Greater Bay Area, Voice of Taiwan Strait, Chinese Global Broadcasting, Voice of the South China Sea and other broadcast frequencies, and new media platforms such as CCTV, Cloud Listening, CCTV, CCTV, and International Online.

About 500 urban cultural squares across the country will broadcast the Lantern Festival Gala through the "Hundred Cities, Thousand Screens" 8K ultra-high-definition public large-screen communication platform. "Watching the Lantern Festival in the square" will provide a new scene for urban cultural activities.

The CCTV client will also use two modes of "vertical screen + three-dimensional colorful sound" and "horizontal screen + three-dimensional colorful sound" to broadcast the evening show.

  The CCTV Chinese and English accounts on the CCTV Facebook platform and the CCTV Spring Festival Gala channel on the Youtu platform will simultaneously broadcast the Lantern Festival Gala to the world.