Before and after the Spring Festival of the Year of the Rabbit, domestic TV stations and online platforms produced and broadcast dozens of Spring Festival Gala and special programs.

  Highlight reunion and warmth

  Leng Song, secretary-general and researcher of the World Media Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that at the beginning of the planning of these evenings, they hoped to highlight the meaning of reunion with a strong New Year flavor, to cultivate the feelings of family and country, to care for the people's livelihood and to gather rich connotations. Audio-visual means soothe the hearts of the masses and boost the spirit of the times.

  On the night of the first day of the new year on January 22, there were about 10 provincial-level Spring Festival Gala to celebrate the new year. Hunan Satellite TV and other broadcasts "Four Seas and Spring 2023 Global Overseas Chinese Spring Festival Gala" (hereinafter referred to as "Hunan Chinese Spring Festival Gala") Unique.

Chief directors Zou Zhiyong and Liu Ying said that after the optimization and adjustment of the epidemic prevention policy, people are particularly eager to meet and reunite, so this evening party has set the overall tone of reunion and joy.

Many overseas Chinese compatriots were invited to the party, including a long-term coach of the French Go team, an overseas entrepreneur who founded the first e-commerce platform in East Africa, and the head of the Thai Chinese Teachers Association who developed Chinese education.

Representatives of several overseas builders also returned to China to participate in the party. They were the engineers who built the World Cup venues in Qatar, the project directors of hybrid rice orders in Pakistan, and the engineers and technicians of the Hungary-Serbia Railway, a key project of the “Belt and Road”.

  "2023 Sichuan-Chongqing Spring Festival Gala" (hereinafter referred to as "Sichuan-Chongqing Spring Festival Gala") focuses on presenting the characteristics of the same blood and cultural concentricity between Sichuan and Chongqing, showing the vivid picture of the vigorous development of the twin-city economic circle in Chengdu and Chongqing, and interpreting the "Sichuan-Chongqing Spring Festival Gala". Family, happy and happy year" Spring Festival atmosphere.

  Before and after the Spring Festival of the Year of the Rabbit, Henan Satellite TV’s 10 evening shows will celebrate the new year, including "Happy Spring Festival Harmony Symbiosis Concert", "Chinese Acrobatics Gala" and "Mao" full of energy to play the spring tide - 2023 Henan Spring Festival Gala (hereinafter referred to as "Henan Spring Festival Gala") is more eye-catching.

In particular, the Henan Spring Festival Gala created an on-stage and off-stage gala with more than 10 programs.

Chief director Chen Lei said that this show full of laughter and laughter will allow the audience to enjoy simple and direct happiness and experience delicate and rich emotions.

  Reflect regional cultural characteristics

  From food to beautiful scenery, from folk songs to folk customs, from traditional intangible cultural heritage to new national trends, these evening shows include and extend regional cultural symbols from all over the world, resonating with the life of urban and rural people at the same frequency, each with its own characteristics.

  "2023 Liaoning Satellite TV Spring Festival Gala" (hereinafter referred to as "Liaoning TV Spring Festival Gala") gives full play to the characteristics of comedy, cross talk, sketches and other language programs insist on providing "happiness", focusing on the "happiness dreams" of the people, full of joy and warmth, and showing the enthusiasm of the people in Northeast China , heroic, humorous, and simple spirit.

  Popular cross talk actors, seniors in the cross talk industry, new comedians, well-known singers, etc. gathered in the "2023 Tianjin Satellite TV Cross Talk Spring Festival Gala". The audience delivered a feast of joy.

  In addition, the Sichuan-Chongqing Spring Festival Gala created a lively snack street and an immersive teahouse in the studio, conveying the sincerity and enthusiasm of the people of Sichuan and Chongqing with Sichuan opera, opera songs, and Sanda storytelling; Night" (hereinafter referred to as "Southeast Spring Festival Gala") introduces film and television narrative techniques, focusing on the beauty of life and cultural prosperity in Fujian; The beautiful Cantonese opera and the "English song and dance" that have become popular on the Internet recently have attracted much attention.

  "Show off" the taste of traditional culture and fashion

  The Spring Festival is the most important and cultural festival in China.

Programs with excellent traditional Chinese culture as the core and link are more likely to arouse the emotional resonance of the audience.

These evenings are dedicated to excavating the excellent traditional Chinese culture and expressing it in fashion, showing a younger regional impression.

  In the Hunan Chinese Spring Festival Gala, pipa player Fang Jinlong and erhu player Jin Yue teamed up with Hunan Satellite TV virtual digital host Xiao Yang to bring a traditional and fashionable "Market"; "moved into the "Sichuan-Chongqing Teahouse", Western musical instruments and national musical instruments played Bashu rhyme and "international style"; the Henan Spring Festival Gala staged "Crosstalk + "Song Dynasty Adventures" of "Song and Dance".

  At the evening party, the arrangement of some opera programs was refreshing: "Looking at the Dreamer in Beijing" in "2023 Beijing Radio and Television Spring Festival Gala" combines opera and pop music, full of storytelling; "Six Hundred Years" reproduces the development of opera art since the Ming Dynasty in a situationalized way, and returns to the stage of Peking Opera, Kunqu Opera, and Henan Opera; Hunan Chinese Spring Festival Gala's "Most Reminiscence of Pear Blossoms" invites Mei Shangcheng and Xun four famous dancers Performed famous operas, and gathered the costumes and paintings of 4 Peking Opera masters on the screen for the first time, and the fans applauded.

  The rich connotation of Chinese culture has also made many excellent dance programs: the music and dance "San Le Tu" of the Liao TV Spring Festival Gala is based on the murals of the Liao Dynasty, which vividly reproduces the splendid culture of the Liao-Shen land and the profound accumulation of multi-ethnic integration and development; In the Chinese Spring Festival Gala, "Kaling Pinga" performed by four young dancers "lived" the Miaoyin bird with a human head and a bird body and a lotus growing step by step in the Dunhuang murals; the "Koi Playing with Lotus" in the Guangdong Spring Festival Gala combined water acrobatics Dancing with the water shows the beauty of timeless images, novel forms and cultural confidence.

  The national style rap is also frequently produced.

The shipping version of "Mountains and Rivers" written by Gem's uncle enthusiastically praised the great rivers and mountains of the motherland and created high-burning surprises for the Southeast Spring Festival Gala; GAI (Zhou Yan) rapped and sang Chuanjiang songs with national style, reflecting the charm of Bashu culture; singers La Danzhu and Chen Xiangshui "Rap and Sing Hunan" brought the audience to experience the "four-color" new Hunan with thick patina, fiery red, lush green, and bright night.

  Overseas spread new brilliant

  Most of these evening shows were broadcast live on TV stations and Internet platforms, allowing overseas Chinese at home and abroad to place their emotions on their homeland and relatives, and further expand the influence of Chinese Spring Festival culture around the world.

  According to Xu Na, one of the chief directors of the Henan Spring Festival Gala and one of the executive planners, the accumulated views of the Henan Spring Festival Gala on five platforms including the China Daily app exceeded 5 million, and the viewing groups mainly covered the United States, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, etc. .

  The Liao TV Spring Festival Gala invited world Tai Chi champion Yang Dezhan and his team to perform Tai Chi on a big drum. After being reported by Xinhua News Agency on Facebook and Twitter, foreign netizens "watched" and liked it.

An American netizen commented: "China has never stopped cultivating world-class high-level athletes, and has never stopped improving the quality of life of the people. They have been doing something meaningful as much as possible."

  Zou Zhiyong and Liu Ying said that this year's Hunan Chinese Spring Festival Gala has had a great influence overseas.

What brought them a pleasant surprise was the short film "I'm Overseas Chinese New Year" that was played at the party.

The short film invites many overseas bloggers to record how they celebrate the Spring Festival. Among them are foreign students playing Chinese New Year music with national musical instruments in France, centenarians writing calligraphy with their granddaughters of "Three Generations of China" in Australia, and Chinese families in the United States making a table with flavors from all over the world. The New Year's Eve dinner entertains friends from all corners of the country and so on.

They were very excited after participating in the Hunan Chinese Spring Festival Gala, and spread the show again through their own media platform, truly realizing the linkage between large and small screens.

  Leng Song believes that the Spring Festival Gala and special programs have promoted Chinese culture, condensed Chinese emotions, and promoted mutual learning among civilizations.

The coming has come, the future has come.

After enjoying the feast of literature and art, the audience once again embarked on a new journey towards a better life with firmer confidence and a fuller mental state!

(Our reporter Miao Chun)

  (Source: People's Daily Overseas Edition, Page 07, February 3, 2023)