Outbound group tours start on February 6 at the earliest

  It is expected that the number of outbound group tour products will increase in March

  On February 6, the pilot outbound group tour business of travel agencies resumed, and travel agencies and online travel companies can carry out outbound group tours and "air ticket + hotel" business.

After the Spring Festival holiday, many tourists have begun to look forward to outbound and group tours after February 6.

A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily learned that many travel agencies have announced the time for the first outbound group tour.

Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries are in the first list.

  The first outbound group tour

  Heading to Phuket next Monday

  On February 6, the pilot outbound group tour business of travel agencies resumed, and travel agencies and online travel companies can carry out outbound group tours and "air ticket + hotel" business.

Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries are in the first list.

  "On February 6, the first batch of passengers will take Spring Airlines flight 9C8512 departing at 10:40 to Phuket, Thailand." The person in charge of Spring Tourism said that the company has been working overtime in the past two days to make arrangements for outbound and group tours.

  Caesars Tourism’s official Weibo released a message saying that Caesars Tourism’s outbound travel business has been fully launched, and the first batch of outbound travel products of Caesars Tourism 2023 is officially launched.

"The first batch of dozens of different types of outbound tourism products of Caesars Tourism will be launched one after another, and the first tour group to Europe in 2023 will depart on February 7." Chen Jie, chairman of Caesars Tourism, introduced.

  So far, Ctrip has launched nearly 700 outbound group tour products, covering 15 destination countries/regions.

Among them, there are nearly 400 Ctrip self-operated products, covering 9 destination countries; including group tours, semi-self-guided tours, private tours, and packaged products for independent travel.

  Ctrip's earliest outbound group was a semi-self-guided tour of Bangkok, Thailand + Pattaya on the 6th, 5 nights and 5 nights on February 7.

There are currently 6 guests in the group, who gathered in Bangkok by plane from Nanning, Huidong and Hong Kong, China.

  "Limited flight resources and unclear group ticket policies have led to fewer choices of overseas group products departing from China. We are also in close contact with overseas travel agencies during the holidays, intensively researching procurement resources, formulating product launch plans, and reviewing products on the shelves. I didn’t take much rest during the whole holiday.” Zhang Yan, Product Director of Ctrip’s Overseas Group Tours, introduced, “The recovery of the outbound group tour market still needs a process. We predict that it will start in March, regardless of the number of outbound group tour products and the number of applicants. It’s going to be exciting.”

  The average air ticket price dropped by 50% in February

  Hong Kong is cost-effective for transiting abroad

  A reporter from Beiqing Daily learned from the Qunar platform that the average price paid for multiple routes in February was 50% lower than that during the Spring Festival.

As of January 30, Hong Kong-Bangkok air tickets departing in February are 1,200 yuan, Hong Kong-Singapore 800 yuan, Shanghai-Phuket 800 yuan, Hangzhou-Phnom Penh 1,020 yuan, Macau-Hanoi 1,055 yuan, and the price is less than three days during the Spring Festival. one-third.

  In addition, the price of connecting flights from Hong Kong to Southeast Asia is also more attractive.

For example, from the end of January to the beginning of February, the price of flying from Hong Kong, China to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Bangkok, Thailand, Singapore and other Southeast Asian regions is less than half that of those flying from Guangzhou.

  Transiting out of Hong Kong is a cost-effective option.

Ms. Huang, who is good at making travel plans, made a calculation: "It is very convenient to take the high-speed rail from Guangzhou to Hong Kong. At present, it takes 48 hours to check the nucleic acid for customs clearance. Find a hospital that can issue bilingual nucleic acid reports one day in advance, and the results will be available the next day. Train Tickets plus nucleic acid can be done within 500 yuan for two people.”

  Guo Lechun, deputy director of Qunar Big Data Research Institute, said: "Limited by air rights issues, the number of flights to Europe, the United States, Japan, and South Korea has been less resumed, and the number of flights to Hong Kong, Macau, and Southeast Asia will be reduced. Growth in February. As the number of tourists decreases compared with the Spring Festival period, air ticket prices will also drop. On February 6, the outbound group travel and the "air ticket + hotel" business pilot resumed. In 2023, there will be more opportunities to go out to see and play Let's play."

  As Chinese tourists continue to return during the Spring Festival, overseas hotels have also gradually reduced their prices.

On the Qunar platform, the average hotel prices in Singapore, Bangkok, Phuket, Macau and Hong Kong have all dropped by about 10%.

  "I did a simple calculation. The average cost of a 7-day tour for two people in the Philippines is about 10,000 yuan per person, with the best food and lodging." Ms. Huang said.

  On the Qunar platform, the number of searches for visa services in January increased by nearly three times compared to December. The products with a higher search volume for outbound travel are Phuket Free Travel, Bangkok + Pattaya Group Tour, Chiang Mai Semi-Free Travel, etc.

The round-trip air ticket for a 7-day direct tour from Shanghai to Bangkok is 3,500 yuan, the round-trip air ticket for a 6-day direct tour from Shanghai to Phuket is 2,287 yuan, and the round-trip air ticket for a 6-day direct tour from Shanghai to Chiang Mai is 2,181 yuan.

There are also group tours such as Bangkok + Pattaya on the 6th and 5 nights, Internet celebrity itinerary, Chiang Mai, Thailand, and other group tours, which are all popular products.

  Association of Travel Agents Tips for Tourists

  Rational consumption, careful selection of high-risk projects

  On February 2, the China Association of Travel Services issued the "Reminders on Doing a Pilot Program to Resume the Outbound Group Travel Business of Travel Agencies", pointing out that travel agencies should follow the requirements of the "Notice" to carry out outbound group travel and "air ticket + hotel" business within the scope of the list of countries , Sign tourism contracts with tourists, clarify the rights and responsibilities of all parties, etc.

  The "Reminder" stated that in order to further play the role of self-discipline in the industry, standardize business behavior, maintain market order, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of tourists and travel agencies, the China Travel Service Association issued reminders on matters related to outbound travel. Party rights and responsibilities.

Clearly inform tourists that they must hold a 48-hour negative nucleic acid certificate when returning home, and promptly remind and assist tourists to carry out nucleic acid testing to avoid delays in return due to inability to provide nucleic acid certificates.

It is recommended to clearly state the cost of nucleic acid testing and the responsibilities of tourists who fail to return home on time due to the failure of nucleic acid testing as required in the travel contract.

  In addition, travel agencies should also guide tourists to abide by the laws and regulations of our country and tourist destinations, respect the cultural traditions, customs, taboos, and religious beliefs of the destinations, refuse game and rational consumption, choose high-risk items carefully, consciously resist uncivilized behavior, and advocate safety and civilization , green, healthy tourism new trend.

  Text/Reporter Lin Lishuang Coordinator/Yu Meiying