In a "tragic" incident, a young man died while tampering with an electrical transformer in Egypt

In an incident described as "tragic", an unidentified young man ended his life by electrocution with an electric transformer in front of passers-by in a village in Giza Governorate, Egypt, according to Egyptian media reports.

And the “Cairo 24” website stated yesterday evening that the incident, which was monitored by surveillance cameras, took place in the village of Shabramant, in the Abu Al-Nomros Center, where the young man opened the electrical transformer’s “cabin”, trying to remove the wires.

According to eyewitnesses, this young man, after several attempts to remove the wires, was electrocuted and died instantly, while the people rushed to him, and some tried to help him, as they took him to the hospital.

An eyewitness revealed that the deceased young man was unidentified and did not belong to Shabramant village.

The competent authorities quickly opened an investigation into the accident and took appropriate measures.