, Beijing, February 3rd (Reporter Ying Ni) From a series of short videos on popular overseas platforms to a beautiful and shocking audio-visual concert, the "Jing Quintessence" New Year's Concert staged at the Zhongshan Concert Hall on the evening of the 2nd , with a novel shooting technique with a very artistic temperament and a unique blank space method, the audience saw a brand-new image of Beijing full of the artistic atmosphere of the times.

  There is no shortage of wonderful stories in Beijing, what is needed is wonderful telling and presentation.

The series of short videos "Jing Quintessence" planned and produced by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and produced by Beijing Poly Forbidden City Theater Management Co., Ltd. took a year to film and broadcast while shooting. Gubei Water Town, Sanli River in Qianmen, Shougang Park with reused industrial heritage, "Made in China" architectural miracle Phoenix Center, Jingshan Park, Zhongshan Park, Summer Palace, Beijing (Tongzhou) Grand Canal Cultural Tourism Scenic Spot and other tourist attractions or emerging cultural landmarks .

A short 5-minute program requires at least a week of filming preparations. In the later stage, montage is used to let the music drive the flow of the picture. It's beautiful."

From November 2021, the "Jing Cui" series will be broadcast on the official overseas social media account "Visit Beijing" (Visit Beijing) of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism. As of the end of December 2022, a total of 9 episodes have been broadcast. The exposure on overseas platforms exceeded 12.68 million times.

Photo by Su Guanming at the Spring Festival concert of "Jing·Qui"

  Sun Qin, the chief director of the "Jing Cui" series and the director of the concert performance, said when interpreting the creative process that this time he adopted a new perspective of the integration of culture and tourism. The rhythm is perfectly integrated, and the scenery and art have reached a balance of integration, rather than making a music-driven MV TV film.

No narration means following the inner rhythm of the video completely, leaving the space for thinking and reading to the audience.

"This is also a challenge. After all, in the era of short videos, traffic is very important. A good video is only good if someone watches it, and it is interesting to watch. Therefore, I was very nervous before the first episode of the video was broadcast. After the broadcast, it quickly gained more than 90,000 views. Data, we have strengthened our production philosophy and confidence."

  In order to retain the unique stone pillars and pipe organs of the concert hall, the "embedded" design of the stage design allows the super long wide-format picture to be seamlessly connected with the stage. The designed projection screen forms a strong atmosphere echo with the main stage.

The director said that through the fusion of light and shadow, stage art, and vision, the beauty of theater space is fully utilized. This is a new creation that combines short videos and is completely independent of short videos.

  Production director Xu Jian, chairman of Beijing Poly Forbidden City Theater Management Co., Ltd. said, "The concert is an extension of the short video series of "Jing·Qui", and it is also an innovation and breakthrough. The shooting and production of the short video series "Jing·Qui" was carried out simultaneously. The "Jing·Qi" series has become a new brand of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism to show Beijing's image overseas. It not only exports tourism products, but also has profound cultural significance. We hope to create more extended cultural and creative products after the concert.”

Photo by Su Guanming at the Spring Festival concert of "Jing·Qui"

  Pang Wei, deputy director of the Beijing Bureau of Culture and Tourism and a first-level inspector, said that the short videos of the "Jing Cui" series show the world the essence of Chinese excellent culture and the unique charm of Beijing from a new perspective of integration of culture and tourism.

It is hoped that this Spring Festival concert will be used as a new opportunity to further innovate and expand the form of communication, adhere to the simultaneous push and forwarding of overseas social platforms and domestic new media, and plan and promote online promotion and offline performances at the same time, so that audiences and friends around the world can better communicate Meet Beijing, yearn for Beijing, come to Beijing, feel Beijing, fall in love with Beijing.