The two climate protectors, who are criticized for a flight to Asia, have admitted mistakes.

"Since we are still busy with this flight and we have to come back to Germany, we are constantly thinking about how things can be improved," they wrote in an article for the "taz" (online).

They noticed a glaring mistake: Instead of flying to Southeast Asia from Germany, they had to combine train, bus and plane.

"The train and bus wouldn't have ended in Munich, we could have gone to Iran and only got on a plane there." Unfortunately, due to the current protests in Iran and their brutal suppression and suppression, this is now absolutely not possible for the return journey .

"But it is easily possible to come from Turkey to Germany without a plane." The flight to Turkey will be "the last of our lives".

The debate was triggered by a report in the "Bild" newspaper, according to which two climate activists should have appeared in court in Stuttgart.

They are accused of having stuck themselves with other activists on a federal highway in the fall.

According to the report, the man was therefore charged.

The woman should have testified as a witness.

Instead of appearing, they flew to Bali and caused around 7.9 tons of CO2, the “Bild” newspaper calculated.

The two did not fly to Bali, but to Thailand to "stay there for many months," said the last generation.

Your absence had been agreed with the court.

The competent district court confirmed that the persons concerned had announced before the hearing that they would not be able to appear.

However, the judge did not release her from her obligation.

While the testimony of the witness can be waived, the accused now receives a penalty order.