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[Reporter Seon-ae Kang] The story of 'that day' in history that we should not forget, 'Jang Trio' Jang Hyun-seong - Jang Seong-gyu - Jang Do-yeon tells the story of SBS 'The Story of the Day Biting the Tail' (hereinafter referred to as 'Kokkomu').

For those who missed the main broadcast, or for those who watched the broadcast but want to chew on the contents again, SBS Entertainment News organizes it in one room.

The story of 'that day' that I want to tell 'you' this time is the

'Changing Daughter-Reunion in 20 Years'

episode that aired on the 2nd.

Broadcaster Lee Ji-hye, singer Jang Ye-eun, and actor Kim Jeong-tae appeared as story friends.

(The review is conducted in short-spoken mode to suit the characteristics of 'Kokkomu'.)

▲ Meeting a child who looks just like my daughter

was Parents' Day, May 8, 1981.

Mun Yeong-gil, 34, who lives in Uijeongbu, is about to leave home.

To go to the barber shop before work in the afternoon.

At that time, his wife, Ok-yeol, asked her to take their 3-year-old daughter, Min-kyung, as well.

Her wife runs a hole-in-the-wall store, and she's busy running the store, so take her daughter.

His father, Young-gil, rode the bus holding Min-kyung's hand tightly.

About half an hour later, I was about to get off the bus, but the bus just missed the stop.

Reluctantly, Mr. Young-gil got off at the next stop with his daughter.

he didn't know then

What consequences will this small incident bring?

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Passing by the barber shop he always goes to, Mr. Young-gil, who was at a loss, saw a signboard for a barber shop he had never seen before.

Since it was difficult to walk long distances with his young daughter, Mr. Young-gil went into the barber shop.

I'm about to take his seat, but the barbershop employee looks at Mr. Young-gil strangely.

And he said something unexpected.

I heard the story of that time directly from Mr. Young-gil now.

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"I opened the door to the barber shop and the waitress said, 'Why did you bring my friend's daughter?'

I'm saying this. I said it's my daughter, what are you talking about? She's a friend's daughter."

-Moon Young-gil and Min-kyung's father

's employee said something strange, but Young-gil refused to do so, sat Min-kyung in a chair and started getting a haircut.

I glanced at it and after a while, the waitress left the store.

Turns out, this waitress went to his own friend's house.

Knowing that Mr. Young-gil is the kidnapper who kidnapped his friend's daughter.

Not long after, the waiter returned to the barber shop.

Then tell me

"That's really strange. Is your friend's daughter there or here?"

Hearing this, Young-gil's face hardened.

Actually, this is not the first time Mr. Young-gil has heard such a story.

In the meantime, Mr. Young-gil, who had heard that he had seen a child who looked like Min-gyeong, did not hear the story of the barber shop employee.

So, thinking that he had to check it with his own two eyes, he asked the waiter, “Please bring me the child who looks just like us.”

After a while, the waiter returned with his friend's daughter.

Seeing the child, Mr. Young-gil couldn't help but be surprised.

He looks exactly like Minkyung.

I'll show you.

Enlarge Image

This child is Mr. Young-gil's daughter, Min-kyung.

Enlarge Image

And the child on the left is Hyang-mi, the daughter of the employee's friend Mr. Lee.

At first glance, do they look alike?

Only the clothes she wears are different, her face is the same.

Mr. Young-gil saw a child who looked just like his own daughter and called his wife.

Even her wife who answered her phone was startled.

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“I got a phone call saying, ‘I can’t go to work today.’ So, ‘Why?’

Then he said, 'I found my child'. Don't lie, I told him to come home and go to work, and he said, 'I can't go to work today because my legs are shaking.' Do it. Something's wrong."

-Kim Ok-yeol and Min-kyung's mother

, what the hell is this all about?

▲ Moon Yeong-gil, the daughter who changed at the hospital

- Kim Ok-yeol's daughter, Min-kyung, was born on New Year's Day, January 1, 1979.

And Mr. Lee and Mr. Choi's daughter, Hyang-mi, was born on December 31, 1978.

They were born a day apart, and both were born at S Hospital in Uijeongbu.

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And in fact, there was one more child here.

Minkyung was born as twins.

Minkyung's twin sister's name is Minah.

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But, even though they are twins, Minkyung and Minah don't look alike.

They are fraternal twins.

Min-kyung and Min-ah are fraternal twins who don't look alike, and Hyang-mi, who looks exactly like Min-kyung, is a child from another family.

The three children were born one day apart at the same obstetrics and gynecology clinic.

Enlarge Image

So what inference can be made here?

That the child may have changed.

Mr. and Mrs. Young-gil took his twins and went straight to the obstetrics and gynecology department, but the hospital staff jumped up and said what they were saying without any basis.

First, I checked the blood type.

A child's blood type depends on the parent's blood type.

In the family of twins, both father and mother are blood type O.

Then all the children must be blood type O.

There are no other blood types available.

But Minkyung has type O, and Mina has type A.

She couldn't believe it, but there is a high possibility that Mina is not her real daughter.

Enlarge Image

Hyangmi also did a blood type test.

Hyang-mi's father, Lee, is blood type O, and her mother, Choi, is blood type A.

Then Hyang-mi's blood type could be O or A.

As a result of the test, Hyang-mi was type O.

But if Hyang-mi is type O, she has the same blood type as Min-kyung.

What if they are identical twins?

It's probably the same blood type.

The problem is Mina's blood type.

Mina's brother A cannot come out between Young-gil and his wife, but it is possible between Lee and his wife.

In the past, changing children often happened.

That's why news often came out that the child knew that he had changed when he became an adult.

When babies are born, they gather in the neonatal room, don't they all look alike?

Also, the face of a newborn baby changes day by day. These days, we take pictures or videos with our mobile phones, but in the old days, all we did was look at our faces for a moment through the windows of the newborn room.

Even if the baby changes, you may not know.

Also, there was a belief that the baby would be changed at the hospital.

Let's go back to two years and four months before the babies were born.

On December 31, 1978, Hyang-mi was born much earlier than expected.

She was a snug fit, and her weight was 1.7 kg.

So she was moved to an incubator and had a hard time seeing her mom and dad for a while.

Instead she was placed in intensive care by medical staff in the neonatal intensive care unit.

But she also had other premature babies in the space.

It was Mina.

Min-kyung, who was 2 minutes first among her twins, was born at 2.2 kg and escaped hospitalization, but Min-a was born at 2 kg, so she went to the neonatal intensive care unit.

Like that, Hyangmi and Minah were in the same room for 12 days.

The medical staff saw Min-ah and Hyang-mi more than the parents.

Enlarge Image

The police started an investigation against the hospital worker at the time.

But it was so long ago that I can't remember.

The police found the medical journal at the time.

And I found a suspicious spot.

This is the weight change of Hyangmi and Mina in the neonatal intensive care unit as of January 9th.

Enlarge Image

Hyang-mi continues to gain weight, but Min-ah gradually loses weight.

They say that newborn babies lose almost no weight after one week of birth, but Mina's weight change is strange.

So the police changed the weight records of the two children.

Enlarge Image

Then, it felt more natural.

Based on this, the police estimated that the two children were switched around January 9th.

And the nurse who was in charge of the two babies at the time testified like this.

"It's been so long that I can't even remember if I was involved. The nurses take turns bathing the children in the neonatal unit, usually after midnight, at idle hours. They change them when the name tag written with a ballpoint pen on the plastic strip is erased, and they change it on their wrists and ankles. There are cases where the name tag is removed and bathed, so there is a possibility that the child will be turned over.”

At midnight on January 8th and 9th, 1979, the nurse took turns washing Hyangmi and Mina.

At that time, the name tags were removed, and there is a high possibility that the two children's name tags were exchanged after the bath.

“I thought it could be like this, and I resented it a lot. Really… I thought it could have been a mistake, but I was very angry.”

-Mun Young-gil,

if he had kept checking the twin father's chart carefully, he would have known that something was wrong.

This is obvious carelessness on the part of the hospital.

For such an absurd reason, the two children changed and grew up in different homes.

For a whopping 2 years and 4 months.

▲ Cultivated affection vs born affection

At the time, this incident became known to the public, and parents across the country were deeply troubled.

Nurtured and nurtured, what should I choose?

It's not the child I gave birth to, but I raised a fluffy baby with great care.

How well did you hear?

I am also worried about the impact that young children will receive.

But, they say blood is thicker than water, right?

How can I continue to have other parents when I find out that I have a separate biological child.

It might be better to change when the kids are young.

It's not an easy choice, the bond you grew up with and the bond you gave birth to.

For these families, the choice is a little more difficult.

Actually, Mina was a little sick.

When Min-kyung tried to crawl on her back and sit down, she said Min-ah.

She couldn't even stand up to her 3-year-old, and couldn't even hear her mom and dad.

Her mom took her Mina to her hospital with her concern, she said her kids might be a bit late at the hospital, she said if she waited she'd be fine.

Even if her child only has a cold, it's her parent's heart to be anxious.

It's not a day or two that I stayed awake with her tears while watching her sleeping Minah.

In the meantime, Minah only looks for her mother.

She's a total motherfucker.

Enlarge Image

"I didn't go to my dad, I didn't go to anyone. They say it's good to be in my mother's arms. When I'm doing laundry or doing something, I carry it on my back or hold it. I've never raised it on the floor. I cry when I can't see it. But it's pretty."

-Kim Ok-yeol, her twin mother

Enlarge Image

Can I send Mina like this to another house?

However, the flavor I saw at the hospital also lingered in my eyes.

You look just like Minkyung.

Every time I see Minkyung, I think of Hyangmi.

Should she change the two children or not.

Twelve times a day, her mind goes back and forth.

Enlarge Image

If so, what kind of feelings do Hyang-mi's parents have on the other side?

Enlarge Image

"I can't change it. Even if I die, I won't give it to you. It's just that the face is the same, because I breastfed it. I can't give it to you."

-Choi, Hyang-mi's mother Hyang-

mi was the first child of the Lee couple.

Despite her difficult situation, she tried hard to raise her up.

She's in the position that she can never change the child she raised.

She denied the situation itself, saying that it could be that Hyang-mi and Min-ah are just a lot alike.

Besides, she says that even if Min-kyung and Hyang-mi are her twins, she has no evidence that Min-ah is their child.

Could she have been switched with another child in the hospital?

So she decided to do a proper paternity test.

We are familiar with genetic testing now, but at the time, DNA testing like this was completely unusual.

There was no reversal in the test results.

The two children were correct.

Min-kyung and Hyang-mi were the children of Mr. and Mrs. Young-gil, and Min-ah is the real child of Mr. and Mrs. Lee.

▲ After the results of the children returned to their seats, the

Lee couple said they wanted to spend some time together.

And after a while, she brings out her unexpected words.

"Minah is sick, is she born? Isn't it because her parents did something wrong?"

Now, it is the Lee couple who have to raise a sick child.

Until she knows Min-ah's condition, she can't change her child.

I understand that position, but it's a pity and frustrating situation.

Enlarge Image

"Of course I understand. I understand, but it's so frustrating. I just wonder how this can happen. So I'll raise it. If you don't take it, I'll raise it. He (Minah) always has to sit on your lap, and mom She cries when she doesn't look at her. When preparing the meal, either prepare it with one hand or set the table by having her son look after the child. That's how I raised that child. He was just as pretty. Why is he so pretty? It's pretty to meet him, so he just sucks his nose and sucks his mouth. I grew up doing that. The fact that the family didn't acknowledge it and resented it. It's really unfair."

-Kim Ok-yeol, her twin mother The

twin parents said they would raise Min-ah and Hyang-mi themselves.

In fact, twin parents can't afford to raise so many children.

But when her real parents said they wouldn't take Min-ah, who was sick, she couldn't stand it because she felt sorry for the child.

The situation shows no signs of getting better.

I'm ready to go to court.

Eventually, the hospital intervened.

The hospital is in a difficult situation right now, so they're trying to deal with it.

The hospital offered to check Mina's condition, and both parents agreed and immediately started Mina's hospitalization process.

Writing her patient's name on her hospitalization documents, the two dads took up ballpoint pens while thinking.

And instead of her name 'Moon Min-ah', she wrote 'Lee Hyang-mi'.

It's the first time she's admitted on her papers that her paternity has changed.

It is the moment when she regains her original name, Minah is Hyangmi, and Hyangmi is Minah.

From now on, I will call Minah and Hyangmi by their original names.

Enlarge Image

Hyang-mi was tested in the arms of her twin mother who raised her.

She, of course, had her mother by her side.

And as a result of a thorough examination, she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

She suffered damage to her brain from hypoxia caused during premature birth.

Although it is difficult for her to fully recover, she said that with regular physical therapy, her daily life will be possible.

She promised to actively help with her treatment in the hospital.

Her flavor parents have now accepted the whole situation.

She decided to change her children.

She was only 18 days after the incident.

The two families decided to change children tomorrow and went back to their respective homes.

It was her last night with her parents who raised her.

The twins' house was preparing for a breakup.

"Min Aya, your name is Hyang-mi now. Go there and listen to her mom and dad. Our Hyang-mi will do well."

She meets her bright eyes, and I'm not sure if I understand or not.

Hyang-mi fell asleep right away, and her mom and dad packed her Hyang-mi's things in her bag, fearing that her child would wake up.

Then I touched her scent, her face once, and touched her fern-like hands and feet.

Wouldn't it hurt if I went there, would it be okay in a strange place, wouldn't it cry even if I wasn't there?

And is it okay if I don't have this child, can I go see it if I want to see it?

These and other worries come all night long.

The next day, Hyang-mi and Min-ah went back to their parents' arms.

And I said goodbye to my parents who raised me for 2 years and 4 months.

The remaining issues have been corrected one by one.

The hospital where the accident occurred provided damage compensation to the two families, and gave Hyang-mi the right to receive medical care for the rest of her life.

And the problematic baby name tag has also been replaced with a plastic bracelet.

Even if you put it in water, it won't break or get wet.

After this incident, obstetricians and gynecologists across the country paid special attention to newborn care.

Rather than worrying about the children who changed, fortunately, they said they were fine.

It was unfamiliar at first, but I quickly got used to it and I ate well and played well.

I grew up year by year in the arms of my real parents.

Enlarge Image

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▲ The reunion

time after 20 years passes quickly and 20 years have passed.

It was one day in April 2001.

The twins' parents appeared on TV.

This is a scene from the broadcast.

Enlarge Image

"When there is only such a child (a child with a disability) on TV, it is to see the children's mother. Take a good look. If you know our child, contact that direction and find it.

-Moon Yeong-gil, father of the twins

"I've never lived comfortably. Even after sending them away, raising them. If they are anywhere, I want to go and see them right away."

-Kim Ok-yeol, mother

of twins The parents of the twins are desperately looking for Hyang-mi even on the air.

The two families met once about three months after exchanging children.

But that was our first and last meeting.

The twins' parents were curious about the fragrance, but they said it was so difficult to contact her.

She thought, "I'm sure you're doing well, maybe she's not bothering me by contacting the kid who's growing well."

Then later, she said she didn't talk about the fragrance at all.

Her father, Mr. Yeong-gil, didn't let her talk about flavor at all.

Whenever she thought of Hyangmi, she cried because she missed her, but she tried hard to forget it.

But strange rumors start to come in.

She says the flavor is gone.

It's been a long time since I've been in the neighborhood where she lived, and she doesn't even know her grandmother who took care of her for a while.

She says no one knows where she is.

She said that was around 6 years after she changed her children, when she was about 8 years old.

Since then, I've been looking for flavor, but I'm at a loss as to where to find it.

Since they are not her real parents, there is no justification or way to find them.

That's why her twin parents are on the air.

At the time, the production team tracked down the fragrance.

When she inquired at the community center in the neighborhood where Hyang-mi lived, she said that 'she had moved out without permission'.

This is the case of canceling a household member who does not actually live in the address due to runaway or missing.

Her family said they had their resident registration records expunged.

The paper flavor has completely evaporated.

I did some research and found that Hyang-mi, her family had moved a long time ago, and her Hyang-mi parents were divorced.

Changed her kids and said it was fine for a while.

She worked hard at the hospital and was doing well, but her peaceful days were short-lived.

As her parents' divorce split her family apart, the difficult ties with her real parents were severed again.

Enlarge Image

However, shortly after the broadcast aired, a report came.

It was a call from an official who said that Hyang-mi was in a rehab center in Seoul.

She said she was in 1988, so she checked into rehab when she was 10 years old.

She is a little behind her age, but she says she is preparing for her self-reliance after finishing high school.

The crew broke this news to the parents of her twins.

Then she said she would go see me right away.

A flavor she hadn't seen since she was 3 years old in 20 years.

But when she had to go away again, she wondered if it was right for her to meet Hyang-mi again.

I miss you so much, but be careful.

The twins' parents thought about complicated things later, and decided to see her Hyang-mi face first.

That's how my parents headed to a rehab center with fragrance.

Standing in front of Hyang-mi's room, my heart is pounding.

She caught her breath, knocked, and opened the door.

As soon as her 20 years passed, her parents cautiously greeted her fragrance.

The woman in her room turned her head and looked at her. Her big eyes, full lips, and round face were the same as when she was a baby.

"Nice to meet you. We, Mr. Hyang-mi, are her sponsors."

The twins' parents did not tell Hyang-mi that they were her parents who raised her as a child.

Even if she is Minkyung and Minah, she doesn't remember that time.

It happened when she was so young that she wouldn't know unless her real parents told her.

She didn't speak that day because she thought she would be shocked if I told her this as soon as we first met, and later she told me slowly.

Hyang-mi, whom I met after 20 years, looks a little uncomfortable, but looks healthy.

She has a bright expression and seems to get along well with people.

She asked cautiously if she had any contact with her family. Her last memory with her family was when she was 8 years old.

At that time, Hyang-mi was sleeping, but her grandmother told her to put on her clothes, so she put on her clothes and got into her taxi.

She said that her mother would come if she waited there, so she waited for a long time, but in the end her mother did not come.

She was scared and just cried, so she said she came to this facility thanks to some aunt who discovered it.

The two of them quietly held her scent and her hand.

She said she worked hard, and she said thank you so much for growing up well.

Soon after, on Sunday, her twins' parents packed their bags.

Flavor Food to feed, snacks, and plenty prepared.

And it ate her heart too.

She decided to tell Hyang-mi about her 20 years ago.

Her ties to her biological parents were cut off, but she wanted to let people know that she also had parents who raised her.

So, don't let her be lonely.

Upon arriving at her rehab she was greeted by the scent.

She's second, so she's older than last time.

While she was talking about this and that, her mother, Mr. Ok-yeol, opened her mouth with difficulty.

We raised her when she was a baby, and Mr. Ok-yeol slowly brought up the story of 20 years ago.

She said Hyangmi didn't believe the story at first.

She listened to her for a while, and she suddenly cried out loud.

The situation at the time, she heard it directly from Mr. Hyang-mi now.

Enlarge Image

"I don't have a mother at all. I don't have a mother or father. I just thought I was abandoned as if I had no one. It reminds me of the old days and that's why I cry and cry. I can't believe it. I couldn't believe it. He told me to believe that it was right. It's your scent. It's the same, it's the same. The face, lips, and nose are the same (as when I was a child). We cried together. Tears of joy. He said thank you. Because you raised me."

- Lee Hyang-mi, it was of course a shock to her daughter Hyang-mi to meet again,

but her gratitude was greater.

I thought she was alone in the world all this time.

He had parents who raised him until he was three years old, and they found him again.

He said it was unfamiliar at first.

Because I have no memory of when I was young.

That's why she called me 'Mister and Mrs.' at first.

But after a year, I started to call them 'mom and dad'.

Her parents, who met again, went to see Hyang-mi once a month.

I packed gimbap, bought a whole chicken and ate it together, and in the winter, I brought my underwear.

The bond between her parents and children, which she thought had been severed 20 years ago, was reconnected.

Hyang-mi is a sweet daughter who always takes care of her parents' health first.

and tell me

She said, "I want to be good to her mom and dad. Until she dies".

Enlarge Image

Enlarge Image

▲ A family with another name

again, and another 20 years have passed since then.

In the winter of 2022, the twins' parents are already over 70, and Mr. Hyang-mi is in his mid-40s.

And she says she's leaving the facility and living on her own.

It's a bit inconvenient to move on my own, but I'm doing well with the help of the supporters.

She stays in constant contact with her twins' mom and dad.

They say they talk on the phone once or twice a week.

But it's been over 10 years since I've seen your face.

My parents went down to Jeju Island, my hometown.

My father went to recuperate because he was fighting cancer.

You're much better now, but long trips are tough.

Mr. Hyang-mi is also uncomfortable with her body, so it is not easy for her to ride the subway even once.

Besides, she also had covid-19.

We missed each other so much, but the conditions were not available.

So 'Kokkomu' came out.

So that Mr. Hyang-mi can meet his parents in Jeju Island.

November 29, 2022.

Mr. Hyang-mi headed to Jeju Island.

It's been a long time since I met her parents, so I did her hair and bought new clothes.

Mr. Hyang-mi arrived in Jeju Island after a 7-hour journey.

I picked 'photography' as the thing I want to do when I meet her parents.

She said that she tried filming it a long time ago and never filmed it.

Her heart is pounding when she meets her parents.

My parents in Jeju Island were also excitedly waiting for Hyang-mi.

The three of them met again after a very long time.

Tears came out as soon as we saw each other.

We held hands tightly and asked each other if there was any pain.

Enlarge Image

Enlarge Image

Enlarge Image

Enlarge Image

"It's nice to see mom


The three of them talked a lot and had a happy time together like that.

And just as Hyang-mi wanted, we took a picture together.

Enlarge Image

There is no 'what if' in our lives, but if the rehab hadn't reported where Mr. Hyang-mi is, if the parents had made a different choice, if they hadn't gotten off the wrong bus on the way to the barbershop, if the children at the hospital hadn't if this hasn't changed.

Would the results have been different?

I think Hyang-mi and her parents met here somehow.

Because it is a 'bond' that is stronger and more beautiful than any other family, and will never be broken.

Enlarge Image

What do you think of 'today' after hearing the story of 'that day'?

Reporter Kang Seon-ae (Reporter Kang Seon-ae   

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