Will the Internet become extinct in years?

A Dutch researcher predicted that the Internet will witness extinction in the future, noting that it is heading to a "point of no return", which makes it doomed to extinction in the end.

“Sputnik” quoted a professor at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences as saying that “freedom of expression on the Internet will become a big problem, and people will move away from the World Wide Web.”

He continued, indicating that "the founders of the Internet envisioned the project to be a decentralized network supported by the citizen, but we lost this war in an unusual way, because the Internet is in the hands of technology companies that do not care much about the rights of individuals or society as a whole."

For Lovink, the extinction of the Internet may occur due to the permanent unavailability of some services, leading to a decrease in access or even a disconnection, imagining that “the infrastructure necessary to maintain the Internet may be difficult or only available through expensive solutions offered by technology giants, such as the billionaire’s satellites.” Elon Musk, for example.

Among the reasons for the demise of the Internet, according to the Dutch expert, is that “ordinary” users are currently paying an increasingly high price for their addiction to the Internet, social media and applications, stressing that this price is “psychological” in the first place.

He continued, explaining: “Not only do many young people suffer from distorted self-esteem and anxiety disorders, but some of the vital functions of our brains are also outsourced, eventually causing our memory to become short-term, and our attention to become increasingly distracted and very specially directed.” .

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