In a series of wide-area robbery cases that have occurred one after another in the country, two of the four Japanese detained in the immigration facility in the Philippines, who are suspected of having given instructions, were charged in a Philippine court on the 2nd. A judicial review of the case was held.

The trial, which is a prerequisite for handing over to the Japanese side, has not been dismissed, and the trial will be held again on the 7th of this month.

The Philippine government is aiming for early delivery of all four suspects, including Yuki Watanabe and Masato Imamura, whom Japanese police authorities are seeking to hand over.

However, three of the four have been blocked from extradition to Japan due to court proceedings in separate cases in the Philippines.

Under these circumstances, on the morning of the 2nd, two suspects, Watanabe and Tomonobu Kojima, were tried in a court in Manila, the capital, for violating the Violence Prevention Act against women and their children.

According to lawyers and court officials, the two attended the trial online from the immigration facility where they were held and answered the lawyer's questions.

Two women who filed complaints also appeared in court.

The prosecution asked to dismiss the trial, but no judgment was given on the 2nd, and according to the lawyer, the trial will continue, and the next trial will be held on the 7th of this month.

The Philippine government wants to hand over the four people to the Japanese side by President Marcos' visit to Japan from the 8th of this month, but it is fluid whether it will be realized.