Donald Trump began his election campaign by visiting two states - New Hampshire and South Carolina.

In both states, he was warmly welcomed (in South Carolina, the employees of the restaurant he visited just didn’t kiss his hands and asked for permission to pray with him for a future victory), but Trump did not collect stadiums, as in 2016.

The liberal press immediately began scoffing about this: they say that Trump is not the same anymore, he has run out of steam, lost his shape.

But the strategy was chosen correctly.

Now it is important for the former president, who intends to regain the White House at all costs, to enlist the support of party activists in key states, and the time for working with the public will come later, closer to the elections, which are almost two years away.

And yet, Trump managed to get everyone talking about himself again.

He recorded and posted a video in which he attacked the transgender madness that swept America and promised to put an end to it.

In two days, the video gained 1.5 million views and continues to spread in social networks at the speed of a virus.

By today's American standards, Trump's speech is appallingly politically incorrect.

He accuses the left-wing wokists (let me remind you that wokism - from the word woke - is the ideology of the “awakened”, who allegedly stand for social justice, but in fact - for the dictatorship of minorities, ethnic, sexual, etc. over the majority professing traditional values) of that they are infecting American youth with "gender madness" and crippling children "chemically, physically and emotionally."

Trump considers, of course, the current president of the country, Joe Biden, to be the main culprit of all this outrage, who has repeatedly advocated the “transgender transition”, justifying the use of puberty blockers and gender reassignment operations in children.

In April 2022, Biden even urged parents to support their children's desire to change sex, saying that this is one of the most effective ways to ensure their safety and health.

And the fact that such a strange desire appears in American children at all is the “merit” of school teachers, among whom there are more and more “awakened ones”.

Over the past two years, new courses in the so-called gender identity have appeared in the American secondary education system.

Seven states where Democrats run the show require curricula to include LGBT topics without fail.

And the government recommends that all schools in the country, without exception, include gender identity in their sex education programs.

In some especially "advanced" states, the processing of children begins from preschool age.

The California Department of Education is urging kindergarten teachers to challenge gender stereotypes by laying the groundwork "for acceptance, inclusion, and an anti-bullying environment" because "some children in kindergarten or even earlier identify as transgender."

Some experts who published the book Promoting Gender Diversity in Preschool argue that gender identity is given "too little attention" in the under-six age group, when educators have "the opportunity to prepare all parents to support their children's gender health", educate children about gender diversity and introduce them to “role models of different genders”.

To end this insane, child-mutilating practice, Trump intends to repeal all of Biden's executive orders to encourage gender reassignment surgery.

Sleepy Joe issued many such decrees: the White House under his leadership was generally very concerned about countering what the Democrats called "discriminatory legislative attacks on the LGBT community."

With all of these Biden orders reversed, Trump is about to sign his own executive order directing federal agencies to “cease all programs that promote the concept of gender reassignment at any age” and ask Congress to stop using American taxpayer money to fund these operations.

“Any hospital or health care provider that engages in chemical or physical maiming of underage youth will no longer meet federal health and safety standards for Medicaid and Medicare and will be immediately removed from these programs,” Trump said.

Doctors who maimed minor children can be sued.

And the US Department of Justice will be tasked with investigating the activities of “big pharma” and sex reassignment clinics to see if they hide the side effects of transgender procedures from the public.

But the main reforms will affect the education sector.

The teaching of gender theory will be prohibited in schools.

The Department of Education will be instructed to inform the state and district authorities of each violation of this prohibition: if any particularly progressive teacher or school administration even hints to the child that he is “in the wrong body”, then the consequences will be the most serious: up to and including dismissal and termination of federal funding.

Trump’s proposal, perhaps the most unbearable for the Vocists, is that the traditional family, consisting of a man and a woman, should be recognized as the basis of society.

Trump said he would ask Congress to pass a law that only recognizes two genders in the United States: male and female, with each gender determined at birth.

And that's not all: the bill should clearly state that men are prohibited from participating in women's sports.

What a blow for all these converted men, who with extraordinary ease win championship titles in the fight against real women!

“No serious country should tell their children that they were born with the wrong gender,” Trump said.

“Under my leadership, this madness will stop.”

The reaction of the mainstream American media to the video was quite predictable: The Hill wrote that Trump unveiled "a number of extremist policy proposals" against transgender identity: a federal law that recognizes only two genders looks especially extremist.

NBC News called Trump's proposals "among the most draconian" that Republicans have put forward in recent years and suggested they would meet "strong opposition from LGBT rights advocates."

Indeed, one of the mouthpieces of America's sexual minorities, Them, immediately called Trump's proposals "terrible both in theory and in practice."

It is curious that during his first election campaign in 2016, Trump spoke from a completely different position.

He claimed that he was "not opposed" to same-sex marriage and that, as president, he would be a "true friend" to the LGBT community.

Friendship, however, did not work out, and now the domestic political agenda has also changed significantly.

The ideological gap between Republican voters and the Democratic electorate is getting wider, with sexual minorities firmly established on the left bank of this new "grand canyon".

But the struggle to save the souls of young Americans is becoming an increasingly important factor for Republican voters.

It is no coincidence that the most popular politician of the Great Old Party - apart from, of course, Trump himself - is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who has been actively fighting transgender propaganda for several years.

In the spring of 2022, DeSantis signed a law banning public schools from teaching about sexual orientation and gender identity (officially the law is called "Parental Rights in Education", but Democrats immediately called it the "Don't Say Gay" law).

Even earlier, in 2021, DeSantis banned transgender athletes from competing in the state, and recently refused to recognize transgender swimmer Leah Thomas as an NCAA women's champion.

who beat real champions Emma Veyant and Erica Sullivan, and publicly congratulated Veyant on his victory.

All this gives DeSantis additional points in the eyes of Republican voters, and his growing popularity cannot but worry Trump.

After all, numerous enemies of the ex-president are increasingly calling the Florida governor “the main candidate of the Republican Party” in the 2024 elections, despite the fact that DeSantis himself has not yet announced his entry into the race.

However, few people doubt that the young and energetic DeSantis, whose star is flaring up brighter in the sky of American politics, will decide to challenge Trump himself.

Without waiting for this, the ex-president was the first to start a war with the governor of Florida, calling him "a Republican in name only" and stating that in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, he "quickly closed Florida and even its beaches."

However, Trump’s accusations that he “loved the vaccine and spent a lot of money on testing” do not sound very convincing: after all, many remember that the Operation FTL program was, in fact, developed in recent years. months of his presidency.

That is why Trump, who has a remarkable political instinct, is in a hurry to wrest from the hands of the governor of Florida his banner of a fighter against “progressive” gender theory, instantly turning into the main defender of American youth from the malignant ideology of “wokism”.

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