The spring school season will soon be upon us, and randoseru makers have already begun selling randoseru for children who will be entering elementary school next spring.

Parents and children looking for a favorite item to choose a randoseru is also called "running activity". It means that the time to sell is early.

Tsuchiya Kaban Seisakujo, a randoseru maker, is exhibiting new products at each store so that they can try them on prior to starting next month sales events for new products for children who will be entering school next spring. increase.

According to the manufacturer, randoseru is not bound by the stereotype that "boys are black and girls are red", but "diversification" and "genderless" are attracting attention, so "deep red", "navy", and "khaki" And so on, about 40 different colors are available.

In addition, recently, elementary school students tend to carry more luggage such as tablet devices in addition to textbooks, so there is a demand for light and large-capacity randoseru.

This manufacturer has

reduced the weight by 100 grams by switching the sides of the cowhide randoseru to artificial leather, and

has devised ways to disperse the weight by making the belt S-shaped to fit the back. It means that

Hideki Kawagoe, the manager of Tsuchiya Kaban Doguten Nakameguro, said, "Randoseru is an important item that you will use for six years, so I would like you to carefully select and find one that is durable and in your favorite color." was talking

The “best” for your child

The Japan Bag Association Randoseru Industry Association, which is made up of bag manufacturers, conducts an annual survey of people who have purchased randsel.

According to the results of last year's survey, the peak period for purchases was from May to August, but the number of people making purchases from March to April is also increasing, with the trend toward earlier purchases year by year. It means that it is in

The average purchase price was 56,425 yen, an increase of 1,086 yen from the previous year.

Furthermore, regarding the color of school bags purchased, ▽ Girls' top

choice was

"purple/light purple" at 24.1%,

▽ "pink" at 21% ,

and ▽ "red" at 17%.

It means that there is

On the other hand,

▽ 1st place for boys is “black” at 58.4%

▽ “dark blue” is 17.6%, and

black is overwhelmingly popular, but the percentage is decreasing year by year.

Suyo Hayashi, chairman of the Japan Bag Association Randoseru Industry Association, commented on the fact that the randoseru sales season is getting earlier each year, saying, "With the declining birthrate, we want to buy the things that children like the most. I think this is because they tend to choose, and because they are worried about popular products being sold out as the number of products they can produce is limited.”

On top of that, as a point of how to choose, "I don't think that cheap randoseru is bad and expensive is not good." "I want you to choose," he said.