Two "Last Generation" activists missed an appointment at the Bad Cannstatt District Court on Monday because they were on vacation in Bali.

According to "Bild", this came to light during the process through questions from the judge.

Yannik S. and Luisa S. had blocked rush hour traffic in Stuttgart with other activists in September and stuck to the B 10.

Therefore, they should appear in court as witnesses and accused.

Three other activists were charged.

Cannstatt District Court confirmed that one of the defendants and a witness failed to appear at the trial.

The objection of the accused, who did not appear, against a penalty order was rejected.

The fine set therein was 50 daily rates of 20 euros each.

A spokesman for the “Last Generation” defended the activists’ climate-damaging trip to Bali to “Bild” with the words: “You booked the flight as private individuals, not as climate protectors.

You have to keep that separate.”