Major publishing company KADOKAWA, whose former chairman was indicted for bribery in connection with the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics sponsorship contract, decided to appoint outside directors to the majority of its directors in order to strengthen its management oversight function. announced preventative measures.

Following the prosecution of Kadokawa Tsuguhiko Kadokawa (79) and others for bribery in a corruption case related to the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics sponsorship contract, an investigative committee consisting of outside lawyers said last month. In particular, there was an excessive obsession with the chairman's intentions and a corporate culture that fostered it."

In response to this, the recurrence prevention measures announced by the company on the 2nd include:

▽In order to strengthen the supervisory function of the directors over management, the majority of the directors will be outside directors,

▽Clarify the roles of the president and chairman.



in order to clarify the location of personnel authority, etc., we will establish a fairer and more transparent evaluation system for senior management.

At a press conference, President Tsuyoshi Natsuno apologized, saying, "I apologize for betraying everyone's trust." I was.