Photos from the press conference by Liu Lixin

  China News Service, Jiangxi Qianshan, February 2 (Reporter Wu Pengquan and Liu Lixin) Jiangxi province, city and county joint work team held a press conference in Qianshan County, Shangrao City on the 2nd to report the investigation of the Hu Mouyu incident.

Hu Mansong, member of the Party Committee and deputy director of the Jiangxi Provincial Public Security Department, and leader of the steering group of the Provincial Public Security Department, reported at the meeting that on October 14, 2022, Hu Mouyu, a senior high school student at Zhiyuan Middle School in Qianshan County, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province, disappeared.

After the incident, the party committee and the government attached great importance to it, organized relevant departments and forces from all parties, and continued to carry out investigation and search work.

On January 28, 2023, Hu Mouyu's body was discovered.

Under the on-site guidance of domestic authoritative criminal technology experts, the provincial, municipal and county public security organs jointly worked together to carry out investigation and visits, on-site investigations, autopsy, physical evidence inspection and identification, etc., and determined that Hu Mouyu died by hanging himself. Raw first scene.

  1. Discovery of the dead body

  At about 12:25 on January 28, the Qianshan County Public Security Bureau received a phone call from a grain depot worker saying that a hanged corpse had been found in the woods in the yard of the grain depot.

After receiving the report, the public security organ quickly sent personnel to the scene for investigation, and found that the deceased was dressed in the same clothes as Hu Mouyu, a student from Zhiyuan Middle School, when he disappeared on October 14, 2022.

Immediately, we asked the procuratorate to send personnel to supervise, and invited family representatives and their lawyers to witness the whole process.

On January 29, the public security organ determined that the deceased was Hu Mouyu after conducting a DNA test on the biological samples of the deceased.

  2. On-site investigation

  The body was found in a grain depot courtyard in the Jinjishan area of ​​Hekou Town, Qianshan County. The grain depot covers an area of ​​92 acres, and there are 20 buildings such as warehouses and dormitories. The buildings cover an area of ​​more than 8,000 square meters and are surrounded by red stones. It forms a wall with a height of about 5 meters.

The outside of the wall is flat, and the inside is stepped.

  The site of the center is located in the bamboo forest in the northern depression of the grain depot courtyard. The height difference of the depression is about 6.3 meters.

  To the north of the center site is an east-west fence. There is a mound of muck just outside the fence. The height of the mound is about 1.5 meters lower than the fence. There are two trees between the mound of muck and the fence, and the trees are higher than the fence.

On the inner wall of the fence grew an inward-slanting tree with a trunk diameter of about 11 centimeters. Hu Mouyu’s body was hung on the raised part of the trunk of the tree. The hanging point was 4.5 meters from the ground and 0.61 meters vertically from the top of the fence.

  The corpse was wearing a black and white hooded tracksuit, which was worn front to back, black track pants and dark socks.

The neck hang of the corpse was formed by joining two white shoelaces.

The toes of the corpse naturally drooped, 1.47 meters above the ground. Two white Huili brand high-top canvas shoes were found on the ground below the corpse. There were no laces on the shoes and there were many dead leaves.

Green moss was stuck to the toe and heel of the inner side of the left shoe, moss scratches were found on the inner toe of the right shoe, and a large area of ​​green moss was stuck to the bottom of the shoe.

After inspection and identification, it is consistent with the moss growing on the inner side of the fence.

  A black voice recorder was found on the redstone protruding part inside the wall near the corpse's head.

  There were no traces of fighting or dragging at the center scene.

  3. Autopsy

  Hu Mouyu's corpse was highly decomposed, most of the skin was leathery, and there was no bleeding on the scalp; the whole body was intact, and no fractures were found in the skull, spine, and sternum ribs. Some teeth fell off the scene due to gum decay, and the alveolar bone was not damaged; There was no bleeding in the chest cavity and abdominal cavity, and there was no defect in the organs, but they were all corrupt, and there was no damage to the testicles; the toxicology test showed that common pesticides, rat poisons, and hypnotics and sedatives were not detected in the stomach tissue and liver tissue.

  The hanging rope is a looper, forming a closed loop around the neck. The remaining skin of the neck is leathery, and a strip-shaped groove can be seen. Bleeding can be seen in the soft tissue at the edge of the groove.

  The stomach was empty, and it was inferred that the time of death was more than 4 hours after the last meal; according to the degree of corruption of the corpse, combined with the local environment and climate conditions, Hu Mouyu's corpse met the characteristics of long-term exposure to outdoor space.

  4. The psychological portrayal of Hu Mouyu

  After interviews and analysis by psychological experts, combined with Hu Mouyu's behavior before his disappearance, it is believed that Hu Mouyu's personality is introverted and gentle, lonely, caring about other people's opinions, seldom doing in-depth ideological and emotional communication with others, lacking emotional support, and lacking emotional outlet channels. The idea of ​​avoiding the world has the habit of recording one's emotions and thoughts in books anytime, anywhere.

After studying at Zhiyuan Middle School in September 2022, the psychological gap caused by poor academic performance, coupled with the pressure brought by interpersonal relationships and adolescent impulsiveness, caused Hu Mouyu's mental state to be unbalanced before his disappearance. Sleep problems such as difficulty in falling asleep after bedtime, cognitive dysfunction such as difficulty concentrating and memory difficulties, emotional problems such as guilt and self-blame, pain, powerlessness, hopelessness, and meaninglessness, abnormal eating, and clear world-weariness Behavior and suicidal tendencies.

  5. Inspection and identification of recording pens

  The identification center of the Ministry of Public Security restored the audio files in the recording pen, and compared the voiceprint with Hu Mouyu’s voice before his death. Combined with the investigation, it was determined that the recording pen extracted and sealed at the scene was owned by Hu Mouyu.

Through a comprehensive analysis of the audio files in the recording pen, there is no artificial synthesis or tampering of the recording content.

At 17:40 and 23:08 on October 14, 2022, two audio recordings by Hu Mouyu clearly expressed his suicide intention.