In order to digitize administrative procedures, a draft outline for the revision of the law to add readings to names on the family register has been compiled.

It is stipulated that ``the reading is generally accepted,'' and the Ministry of Justice ``does not include extreme things that cause confusion in society, such as excessive 'kirakira name.'''

“Unacceptable cases” policy to be indicated in a notice before the law comes into force

On the 2nd, a subcommittee of the National Legislative Council said that the current name on the family register does not include the reading, which hinders the digitization of administrative procedures. We have compiled a draft outline for revisions to the Family Register Law.

In this, it was stated that readings should be written in katakana, and a provision was established that ``the reading must be generally accepted as the reading of characters used as names''.

Regarding the reading of names, notations and readings are diversifying, such as unique names called "Kirakira Name".

Regarding the new regulations, the Ministry of Justice said, "Extreme names that cause confusion in society, such as excessive 'kirakira name', will not be listed. On top of that, not only how to read it in the dictionary, but even if it is not listed, it will not be written in society. If it is a reading that is acceptable to a certain extent, it will be accepted."

On the other hand, for example

▼ the case of writing “高” and reading it as “Hikushi”, which is the opposite of the meaning of the kanji,

▼ writing “Taro” and reading it as “Saburo”, etc. Cases: ▼ Cases that are not

permitted in principle

, such as writing "Taro" and reading "Michael" and not being associated with the meaning or reading of the kanji, will be indicated in the notice before the law comes into force.


In addition, for those whose names have already been registered in the family register, necessary procedures must be submitted to the local government within one year after the law comes into effect.

It is assumed that you will use a document or the My Number system dedicated site "Mynaportal".

If there is no notification, the reading will be written under the authority of the mayor of the municipality based on the information recorded in the resident card held by the local government.

The reading is notified to the person in advance, and it is a mechanism that can be changed only once if the person does not want it.

The government plans to submit a bill to revise relevant laws to the current Diet session.