Yasmina Kattou, edited by Laura Laplaud 08:38, February 02, 2023

Is getting your nails dangerous for your health?

According to an American study published by the journal Nature, ultraviolet (UV) lamps, often used by beauticians to dry nail polish more quickly, could cause skin cancer.

25% of French women are followers of beauty treatments and regularly go to a salon, especially for manicures.

But according to an American study published by the journal "Nature", it should not be abused.

Ultraviolet (UV) lamps, used to dry the varnish more quickly, could be dangerous for your health and even cause skin cancer.

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The risk exists from the first exposure

The researchers exposed human and animal cells to UV lamps used in beauty salons.

In a single 20 minute exposure, 30% of the cells were destroyed.

American scientists therefore deduced that in the long term, this would cause gene mutation.

However, it is DNA modifications that can trigger cancer, explains Professor Jean-Yves Blay, President of the Unicancer Foundation.

"For UV rays, there are particular mutations that are found and that we find in this study. The DNA alterations will be repaired by our natural cellular systems which repair DNA. But sometimes they are overwhelmed , sometimes they repair badly. And so the risk exists from a first exposure

a priori


Limit contact with UV rays as much as possible

Putting your hand under a UV lamp several times a month is equivalent to repeated exposure to the sun and its rays, which are known to be dangerous, warns the oncologist.

Some beauticians suggest putting on sunscreen during the manicure.

An insufficient solution for the doctor who recommends limiting contact with UV rays as much as possible.