A case of animal abuse that occurred on the set of KBS 1TV's historical drama 'Taejong and Stranger' has been sent to the prosecution.

According to Animal Rights Action KARA on the 2nd, the director, martial arts director, equestrian team manager, and broadcaster KBS of 'Taejong Lee Bang-won', who were embroiled in controversy over animal abuse last year, were all found guilty of violating the Animal Protection Act and sent to the prosecution.

Directors, martial arts directors, and equestrian team managers were charged with animal abuse (Article 8, Paragraph 2, Item 4 of the Animal Protection Act) for inflicting physical pain or injury without justifiable grounds, and KBS was punished for violating the Animal Protection Act. In addition, the charge of imposing a fine under the corresponding article on the corporation (Article 46-2 of the Animal Protection Act) was applied.

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In January of last year, the production crew of 'Taejong Lee Bang-won' planned to make the horse 'Kakami' fall down during the shooting of Lee Seong-gye's falling horse, and tied a wire to her leg and made her run.

As a result, Kami fell headfirst, and news of her death came a week after the shoot.

At the time, as the video of the shooting site was released, the incident caused resentment from many people.

More than 200,000 people participated in the Blue House National Petition, and Kara criticized the incident as clear animal abuse and accused the people involved.

In addition, 'Taejong and Bangwon' viewers left opinions on the bulletin board, KBS Viewers Rights Center petition action, and the city hall boycott campaign, demanding an official answer from KBS and the production team.

In response, KBS said in a statement, "We deeply feel responsible for the accident that occurred during the filming of 'Taejong and Lee Bang-won' and apologize." I will try to find a different way of filming and expressing myself so that "" doesn't happen again," he promised to prevent a recurrence.

Regarding the prosecution's transfer of the case, Kara expressed regret, saying, "The news of the transfer is welcome, but Kkami was used like a prop and even lost her life. However, the accused are freed from the charge of death."

He then emphasized, "After the 'Taejong and Bangwon' incident, real changes must follow in the media featuring animals. Kara will continue to respond so that animals in broadcasting and media do not suffer from being reduced to tools."