Car racer Seo Joo-won had a war of words with netizens regarding the 'suspicion of cheating'.

Yesterday (1st) Seo Joo-won replied "I'm not ashamed at all" to her comment on her social media asking "Isn't it embarrassing?"

To netizens who asked if she was having an affair, she said, "Use your real name account first. Let's risk my entire fortune and see if it's a divorce due to infidelity or cheating. There's no reason to openly explain and explain your personal history one by one." refuted.

She also emphasized that she cut the back and forth about the argument.

Seo Joo-won said, "If there was such an unfair part as the person claimed, I would have been able to continue the lawsuit and claim the amount I thought I should take, or it would have been better if I hadn't agreed to the amount I suggested."

In addition, Seo Joo-won said, "(If the divorce due to affair is true), it is a problem that can be revealed through an adulterous woman lawsuit."

She, Seo Joo-won, divorced her ex-wife and influencer Ah-geul-ri last year by agreement.

Ah-geul-ri recently revealed on her YouTube that the reason for her divorce was her Seo Ju-won's affair.

(Reporter Kim Ji-hye of SBS Entertainment News)