Solène Delinger 11:49 a.m., February 2, 2023

This week, on the occasion of the theatrical release of the film "Asterix and Obelix: The Middle Empire", directed by Guillaume Canet, our colleagues from "Paris Match" dedicate their front page to his wife Marion Cotillard, who plays Cleopatra .

The magazine says more about the relationship of the two actors, who would go through a complicated period but who still want to stay united…

In full promotion of

Asterix and Obelix: The Middle Empire

, in theaters since Wednesday February 1, Guillaume Canet, the director of the film, and his wife Marion Cotillard, who plays Cleopatra, appeared more united than ever.

Their objective was clear: to display a united front for the good of the feature film with an XXL budget, 60 million euros. 

"They just don't want to talk about themselves"

So, Guillaume Canet and Marion Cotillard have made a good figure, multiplying the joint appearances on television and on the red carpets.

The reality would however (unfortunately) be quite different… Proof of this is: the former lovebirds did not allow themselves to be photographed together once during the promotion of the film.

Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet would they have separated?

One of their relatives, a member of the team of

Asterix and Obelix: The Middle Kingdom

, agreed to say more about the current state of their relationship.

"Their personal situation is complex, fragile, and we feel that they are keen to defend the film without having to talk about them", he thus assured in the columns of

Paris Match,

which devotes its front page to Marion Cotillard.

Another relative added "They have seen others. They just don't want to talk about them when they don't know where they are. So far, everything is fine, they face this moment together, for their children, for the film. The rest, they will see later…". 

"The secret is to also go through very complicated periods"

Despite the turbulence, Guillaume Canet and Marion Cotillard remain well attached to each other, for the good of their two children, Marcel and Louise.

Eager to stay united, they went on vacation together in their stronghold of Cap-Ferret this summer, then in the fall.

They even displayed themselves at the Cabane d'Hortense, "the least discreet hut in the area", underlines

Paris Match. 

A way to sweep away the rumors agitating the Parisian dinners, those which said that Marion Cotillard had left Guillaume Canet for… his friend Camille Cottin.

A "false little refrain" which hurt their couple without bringing it down.

In June 2022, Guillaume Canet assured him on Canal +: “The secret is to also go through very, very complicated periods, eh… As we have experienced a lot too, as in all couples. Afterwards, it is a question of knowing if you want to fight or not and it's not always easy".

Never give up and never give up, that would be the key to the longevity of the Cotillard/Canet couple...