Today (3rd), it is still cold in the morning.

The temperature in the areas where the cold wave warning was issued is down to around -10 degrees Celsius, and the coldness felt on the streets in Seoul is similar to yesterday.

Still, the cold is better in the daytime.

The daytime temperature will gradually rise, and after Saturday, 'Ipchun', the morning cold is expected to improve a little.

A dry warning has been extended to parts of Yeongnam and eastern Jeollanam-do.

If you have plans for hiking and camping for the weekend, you should take good care of the embers.

The sky will be clearer today, and if you look at the daytime temperature, it will be similar to yesterday, rising to 3 degrees in Seoul and 10 degrees in Busan.

Even on Sunday, the first full moon of the year, there will be no difficulty in seeing the first full moon of the new year as the sky is clear.

(Ahn Su-jin weather caster)