Rémi Jacob, with Solène Delinger 11:13 a.m., February 2, 2023, modified at 11:13 a.m., February 2, 2023

Will the reality TV show "Secret Story" make its big comeback on the air?

The famous "Voice", which is addressed to the candidates of the program, woke up on Wednesday February 1 on Twitter to send a message to viewers.

“To all Internet users, beware of appearances”, she assured in a very enigmatic way…

The famous Voice of

Secret Story

woke up and

sent a message to fans of the reality show.

She hinted, on Twitter, that the program launched in 2007 on TF1 was going to make its comeback on the air… "Here, the Voice", is it written on the official account of the show.

"To all Internet users: beware of appearances… That's all for now".

End of quote… An enigmatic message also retweeted by the production company Endemol. 

Here the Voice, to all Internet users: beware of appearances...

That's all for now!

️ #SecretStory

— Secret Story (@Secret_Story_FR) February 1, 2023

The president of Endemol had claimed to be working on a return of

Secret Story

Last December, its president Jean-Louis Blot had also granted an interview to


in which he claimed "to work on the return of

 Secret Story


 Loft Story


"We are convinced that this is what corresponds to the use of the consumption of television programs today", he had assured before adding: "These programs make it possible to create noise on social networks and are consumable on Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, Facebook or Twitch. They are suitable for SVOD, AVOD and can have multiple linear products". 


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It is not yet known which channel or platform the show could be broadcast on.

To be continued…