3 wings dealing with ambition, "knowledge" and man's relationship with nature

"Expo Dubai" tells "stories of nations"

  • Visitors will be able to view various pieces and collectibles from more than 200 countries.

    Photography: Ahmed Arditi


Visitors to Expo City in Dubai will be able to learn about the civilizations of nations in a different way, in a gesture that is the first of its kind in the history of this global event, as the pieces participating in Expo 2020 Dubai were displayed in an innovative way in a permanent exhibition in the "Stories of Nations" pavilion in Expo City.

Visitors will be able to see the different pieces in the countries participating in this pavilion, as the different pieces of more than 200 countries and organizations that participated in Expo 2020 were displayed in three different pavilions: Opportunities, Mobility, and Sustainability.

Each of these pavilions deals with a different topic that tells the stories of nations and the various achievements that were presented in these countries during Expo 2020. The "Stories of Nations" pavilion in the three regions offers different experiences for the visitor with three important and different topics from the others. The pavilion, which is located in The Opportunity Zone displays pieces of art with themes that highlight human sympathy for each other, and how people at the Expo came together to work together towards a better future full of opportunities for all, under the title “Our Moment in Time”, while the pavilion in the Mobility Zone presents the theme “Our Wonderful World”, which highlights humanity’s relentless pursuit Excellence, and highlights ingenuity and ambition and their role in changing the way we live, communicate with each other, and exchange knowledge and ideas.

As for the pavilion, which is located in the sustainability area, it shows the theme “Our Infinite Imagination”, which takes visitors on a tour that sheds light on man’s relationship with nature.

Distinctive pieces

Najeeb Al-Ali, Executive Director of the Dubai Expo City Authority, told Emirates Today: “A distinctive piece was chosen from each of the countries participating in the Dubai Expo to be displayed in the pavilions (Stories of Nations), which varied between models, artifacts, paintings, and costumes. , and other pieces that tell the stories of nations, and enable visitors to go through a different journey with each piece.

Some distinctive pieces were displayed in this pavilion, such as the Swiss “mirror of reality”, which received great interaction and approval from many visitors who took their souvenir photos in it, and the Monaco penguin, which represents the mechanical penguins that were shown in the Monaco pavilion at Expo 2020, where the mechanical penguins that embody Monaco was keen to protect polar environments and penguins from extinction.

Climate change issue

Some other pieces that discuss important issues such as the climate issue were presented, as Fiji presented a model of the traditional “Drua” boat, which symbolizes the flexibility and unity that was evident in the Fiji presidency of the Conference of the Parties - the United Nations Climate Change Conference for the year 2017, “COP 23” as a representation. For the relevance of Fijian culture and traditions to international negotiations on climate change.

It is noteworthy that the United Nations Climate Change Conference for the year 2023 (COP 28) will also be held in Expo City in Dubai at the end of this year, as the Executive Director of the Dubai Expo City Authority, Najeeb Al-Ali, confirmed the Expo City’s readiness to host this huge global conference, and assured the «UAE Today, he is proud to host the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 28).

global sustainability

Najeeb Al-Ali, Executive Director of the Dubai Expo City Authority, confirmed that 80% of the Expo buildings comply with international sustainability standards.

He expressed his pride in the Expo achieving the highest global standards of sustainability, in line with declaring 2023 the year of sustainability.

He told Emirates Today: "With the declaration of 2023 as the Year of Sustainability, we at Expo City are proud of achieving the highest international standards of sustainability in design and construction, as Expo City in Dubai was designed in a way that is in line with the highest international standards of sustainability."

He emphasized the existence of a large number of buildings that comply with the highest global sustainability standards (LEEDS), which were followed in various stages, starting with the design and construction stage, and then in the operations stage that took place during Expo 2020.


Many people feel nostalgia for the past, or what is called "nostalgia", which is what was taken into account when choosing the pieces displayed in this pavilion, which will be enjoyed by all members of society, including visitors and Expo workers, who spent a long time in it, as They can now visit these pavilions to relive their memories and enjoy the exhibition.

They will also be able to view antiques and pieces that bring them back to their beautiful memories in their favorite pavilions at Expo 2020.

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