Regarding the series of wide-area robberies that have occurred one after another in the country, the Philippine government has a policy of handing over four Japanese detained in the immigration facility to the Japanese side in the first half of next week. Court proceedings are underway in the case.

The Philippine government has expressed hope that these trials will be dismissed, and the focus is on the outcome of the hearings held on the 2nd and 3rd.

In connection with the series of wide-area robberies, the Japanese police authorities demanded the extradition of four suspects, including Yuki Watanabe and Masato Imamura, who have arrest warrants for being involved in other special fraud cases. , The Philippine side also plans to hand over all four of them, and plans to resolve the issue before President Marcos's visit to Japan starting next week on the 8th.

However, three of the four are in the process of court proceedings for another case in the Philippines, and as long as the trial continues, they cannot be handed over to Japan, so the Philippine government will dismiss the trial. shows hope for

According to the Department of Justice of the Philippines, the trial is scheduled to be held on the 2nd and 3rd, a total of three trials, so the focus is on whether the court will decide to dismiss and the conditions for delivery will be met.

On the other hand, regarding the four Japanese detained in the immigration facility, officials from the Philippine Immigration Bureau told NHK that they were "moved to separate rooms on the 31st," and that they were to be handed over to the Japanese side. It seems that they are preparing for