Less invasive and less aggressive;

more effective and safe;

with minimal (or immediate) recovery times and spectacular results, infinitely more natural (you just have to see how Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise or Jennifer Aniston look at their respective ages to realize it) and much longer lasting.

Such are the new facial and body rejuvenation techniques that, as explained by Ana Rodríguez-Villa, head of the Aesthetic Medicine Unit of the Ricart Medical Institute (Madrid), pursue "the search for

natural beauty, based on health

, both of our skin as of our entire organism in a global and harmonious way".

Looking eternally young if the price to pay is to show off a stretched, immobile and expressionless face is no longer worth it.

"Every day more naturalness is sought with less volume on the face, improving flaccidity and

boosting collagen production

. It is, ultimately, about taking care of yourself. The aim is not not to age, but to look good, no matter how old you are that you have and without the need to hide it", explains Ángel Martín, Medical Director of Clínica Menorca (Madrid).

Beatriz Beltrán, specialist in Aesthetic Medicine, Nutrition and Anti-aging and director of the clinic that bears her name in Barcelona, ​​confirms this.

"Indeed, today patients, both men and women, opt for

treatments that make them feel good, without changing or modifying their appearance

. They crave naturalness and freshness, for people to say

'how good you look' instead of of 'have you done something to yourself?'

In short, the most cutting-edge treatments and those that are yet to come focus on enhancing one's own beauty, without losing its essence, on slowing down the passage of time, but seeing ourselves exactly the same as we did years ago".

For Inés Lipperheide, Aesthetic Doctor at Ruber Internacional La Masó and Clínica Dermatológica Internacional (Madrid), both aesthetic doctors and aesthetic dermatologists are now focusing more zealously than ever on "

finding what makes that person special, their own traits and empower them with our treatments.

It's about beautifying the aging process while remaining yourself."

The key, as confirmed by Carlos Morales Raya, a specialist in Aesthetic Dermatology and Trichology at the Dr. Morales Raya Clinic (Madrid), does not lie "in transforming a face into that of another person, but in

slowing down certain signs of aging and enhancing certain anatomical elements

to enhance the natural beauty of each patient".

The main advance that has occurred in anti-aging protocols, continues Dr. Morales Raya, consists "in changing the

treatment of the sign

(wrinkle, folds, laxity, etc.) for the

treatment of the cause

(excess contractility, displacement of tissues and loss of support and loss of collagen and elastin)".

In other words, "wrinkles and folds have gone

from being filled with hyaluronic acid to being treated using collagen inducers,

which produce skin tightening, or

low doses of botulinum toxin to relax the contraction

of certain muscles that cause gestures and, consequently, expression wrinkles".

What are the techniques with which the 'miracle' of

recovering health is achieved, without going under the knife, 'attacking' the cause (not the consequence) and without losing our own identity


Ana Rodríguez-Villa details the ones used in the Aesthetic Medicine Unit of the Ricart Medical Institute (Madrid).


Botulinum toxin injection

, to minimize wrinkles in the upper third (it has no recovery time and lasts approximately six months; the price depends on the product and laboratory);

filled with hyaluronic acid and other substances

in areas that have lost volume due to aging itself (its duration is between 12 and 24 months, depending on the product used; it does not require recovery time);

focused ultrasound

from Merz Aesthetics

(without recovery time, they produce contracture of the Smas -superficial musculoaponeurotic system-, producing a lifting effect; they are used on the jaw, neck, chin, eyebrows, etc.);

Calcium hydroxyapatite

(filler that gives volume with a tightening effect and improves flaccidity; stimulates the production of collagen in the medium term, so its effects are more lasting: between 18-24 months).

At Ruber Internacional La Masó and Clínica Dermatológica Internacional, they are committed to


as a way to combat flaccidity through the

creation of collagen


"I would highlight our


treatment , which combines radiofrequency of the highest quality, which works at the level of the deep dermis to help

tighten the skin

, and a very gentle peeling, which acts on the most superficial layers, so that

our skin looks healthy and bright

. She has no recovery time, so she can immediately return to her usual activity," reveals Dr. Lipperheide.

And by

microfocused ultrasound


"Specifically, we use


which is the only treatment accredited by the FDA as a non-invasive face, neck and décolleté lift. With this protocol, which lasts around 60 minutes (depending on the area to be treated),

we are going to act on collagen

, that essential element that is lost with age. After the session, a small redness may appear in the area, but we can continue without any problem with our normal life. The results are seen progressively after two months after the treatment, which

is usually done once a year

, "adds this specialist.


is also the 'not so secret' weapon used at the Beatriz Beltrán Clinic to tighten and restore light to the skin.

"It is a revolutionary technology, with ultrasound visualization in real time, which

uses ultrasound to lift and firm the skin naturally and without surgery

, achieving a fresher and more rejuvenated appearance."

During the treatment, "this energy is applied to the same layer of skin that surgeons treat in a facelift, safely, without altering the skin's surface"

Dr. Beltrán also highlights the extraordinary rejuvenating power "of the new and exclusive

Thermage FLX,

a monopolar radiofrequency system that manages to stimulate collagen, redefine the facial oval and tighten the skin through the action of heat. The novelty that this new product brings equipment is that it

reaches the deepest layers of the skin with a greater intensity of heat, improving expression lines around the mouth, eyes and forehead, as well as the definition of the facial oval and chin

. eyes and eyelids, restoring a fresher and younger look without losing its naturalness.This

annual treatment

, lasts between 30 and 90 minutes, depending on the area to be treated, leaves no mark, so normal life can be resumed immediately".


, "the first injectable collagen inducer made with liquid polyxiadone which, in addition to

stimulating collagen synthesis, helps to restore the natural volumes of the skin

with results similar to those of 1,400 monofilament threads", is, according to Dr. Ángel Martín , the great revolution that is already here.

"Imagine if it is new that it will be officially announced at the next Congress of the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine, which will be held in Malaga next month. It represents a great advance in aesthetic medicine for facial rejuvenation in several aspects: more safety with fewer side effects and better results with fewer sessions, thus lowering the costs for the patient".

Martín details that "its short absorption period

maximizes safety and efficacy, minimizing the risk of side effects such as nodules, granulomas or inflammatory reactions


What does this procedure consist of?

"It is injected into the subcutaneous tissue and can be applied to all areas of the face to treat wrinkles on the forehead, the periocular area or nasolabial folds, providing a

natural lifting effect


The improvement in skin tone and appearance are After

four weeks, an increase in natural volume can be seen, thanks to the stimulation of collagen that occurs after 15 days and for 12 weeks".

But there is still more.


PicoSure laser

has significant benefits for erasing blemishes and rejuvenating the skin. Its method of eliminating pigment lesions responds to a photothermal impact on pigments, fragmenting them into small particles so that the body can eliminate them naturally It is an excellent antiaging ally. In the case of age spots, it has spectacular results.

The light that is emitted in picoseconds destroys those cells with excess pigment without damaging the surrounding tissue, eliminating the spots completely.

Its photomechanical action allows the pigments to be fragmented into much smaller particles than other lasers and, therefore, the body can eliminate them more effectively and quickly,

with fewer sessions and less damage to the skin


In addition to the aforementioned Ultherapy, Carlos Morales Raya highlights


a minimally invasive procedure with which, through the use of a laser fiber with a diameter of a hair that is inserted into the skin, heat is generated, producing a tightening at the level deep as it stimulates the formation of collagen from the inside. A

session or two is performed every three or four years

and the recovery time is two or three days, since it usually slightly edematates the treated area, but without causing injuries".

What has been said, the dream of recovering or maintaining freshness, without giving up naturalness and our own essence, is increasingly achievable.

The challenge is to respect the way in which everyone chooses to grow old, without pressure, judgment or labels.

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