Saturday, February 4, the final

of the contest will be held, from which the song that will represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest will come out, which will be held in the British city of Liverpool.

There have been four artists who have managed to get into the final of the contest:

Agoney, Alice Wonder, Fusa Nocta and Megara.

If their themes have convinced, it can be seen that their looks have had something to do with their victory.

We may like them more or less, but what is clear is that they are all, to say the least,


Agoney Fernandez

The great winner of the first semifinal of the Benidorm Fest sang 'I want to burn', and not only he burned, but the entire audience.

Clad in a vibrant red patent leather jumpsuit complete with shoulder pads, studs and strings, he literally turned things red.

Alice Wonder

In second place was this singer, who sang her 'I would like' with a look created for her by Luke Martin: a latex mini-dress embroidered with rhinestones and a long transparent train.

In the designer's words, she wanted to achieve a "timeless and dreamlike" atmosphere with him.

Fusa Nocta

Latex invaded the Benidorm Fest stage again when the singer went up to interpret her song, entitled 'My family'.

She wore a black two-piece consisting of minishorts and a halter-neck crop top, combined with high, over-the-knee boots.

Very festive but not surprising.


The group performed their song, 'Arcadia', with the aim of Spain taking rock to the Eurovision Song Contest.

To do this, he used a style that did not go unnoticed: strange alien creatures took the stage, dressed in mini silver jumpsuits from which tubes came out and were adorned with black ribbons.

A futuristic look fueled by the singer's look, with half a pink head and half a black one, with her hair collected in long braids.

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Monica Naranjo

The singer, the highlight of the semifinal, presented her new look on her Instagram profile, with platinum blonde hair, shorter and cut in layers.

All a success.

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