Under the radar, the "triple epidemic" continues to put pressure on the French health system.

This Wednesday, the main health measures to fight against Covid-19 - whose decline is confirmed - end, worrying some experts.

From this Wednesday, the systematic isolation of positive cases and the carrying out of a test after two days for their contacts will no longer be required.

The follow-up of contact cases, via the “Covid contact” service managed by Health Insurance, will also cease.

On the other hand, after four consecutive weeks of decline, the flu epidemic started to rise again last week.

In total, ten out of thirteen regions are still in the epidemic, but the indicators remain "at a low level of intensity in the city and in the hospital", Public Health France said on Wednesday.

Last epidemic, that of bronchiolitis, in decline since the end of December, has continued to decline over most of the territory during the last seven days.

A still unknown human toll

“Amazed” by the absence of an epidemic resumption in January, Benjamin Davido, infectious disease specialist at Raymond-Poincaré hospital, explained that the drop in the number of Covid-19 infections is correlated with the immunity acquired by a good part Population.

“The question now is whether this immunity will hold up with the possible arrival of new variants,” says the doctor.

Be that as it may, the health system remains bruised.

After months of pandemic and this triple epidemic, “he is enduring difficulties which seem increasingly difficult to bear”, estimates Professor Zureik, counting on an inexorable continuation of “degradation of the quality of care”.

And, the human toll of this triple epidemic is not yet known.


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