According to a recent study by the French Observatory of Drugs and Drug Addiction, 10.6% of the French population would have consumed cannabis in 2021. However, this drug could be involved in the appearance of early lung cancer, indicated experts gathered at the 27th congress of French-speaking pneumology.

This event was held in Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhône) from Friday to Sunday, reports BFM TV.

Nearly 9,000 patients tested

This observation stems from the KBP-2020-CPHG study, according to which patients who used cannabis were diagnosed with lung cancer at the age of 53 on average, compared to 65 years for tobacco users alone and 72 years for tobacco users. non smokers.

These results are the result of work carried out on 8,999 diagnosed patients.

“Cannabis users represent 3.6% of all patients studied.

But this figure rises to 28.3% if we focus only on patients under the age of 50, ”told our colleagues the pulmonologist and coordinator of the study, Didier Debieuvre.

And the study indicates that French people under 50 have a 6% increased risk of contracting lung cancer if they consume cannabis.

Greater survival

Why would cannabis be more harmful than tobacco?

“Tobacco smokers smoke their cigarettes with a filter, cannabis smokers inhale their joints without a filter.

It is likely that the absence of a filter increases the risk,” suggests the specialist.

The latter specifies that patients with early lung cancer are heavy smokers who consume cannabis three to four times a day.

According to the study, the survival of sick people is however more important than before.

In 2020, the two-year mortality of patients was 52% compared to 79% in 2000. As a reminder, lung cancer is the deadliest among men in France.


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