Where is the defect in the team?

Hussein Al Shaibani

01 February 2023

The first national football team has been witnessing a state of instability in the last four years, specifically after the end of the mission of the national coach, Mahdi Ali, and since that time five coaches have trained the team, and it has become clear that the absence of technical stability and fluctuation of the level has made the team lose its identity and personality and has become shaky in every way. Participation, whether official or friendly, after it was terrifying at the continental level, and this is all due to the lack of a reliable vision and strategy in long planning to upgrade the work system.

Over the course of four years, there have been many changes in the technical staff, the level of the national team has fallen, and the administrations resort to the easiest solution by dismissing the coaches without analyzing the obstacles and working on overcoming them to complete the march with steady steps, and the evidence is that the results may improve from one match to another, but they return to decline again. Because the work obstacles were not resolved, and this was evident between the team’s level in its match against South Korea in the qualifiers for the World Cup (Qatar 2022), as it presented a good technical level by defeating South Korea and qualifying for the playoffs against Australia, appearing at a remarkable level, and we were the best during The course of the match, and we were a step away from qualifying for the World Cup finals, but after that the team's performance declined in the Gulf Cup (Gulf 25) in Iraq, and Al-Abyad appeared at a poor and frustrating level, and the level fluctuated in a frightening way and an unexpected shock to the sports street.

Each coach has advantages and disadvantages, and it is difficult to find a perfect person, and here is the role of the administration in working to support the coach and discuss it permanently according to the strategy that has been developed in order to ensure its good implementation.

So where is the glitch?

In the coaches who succeeded in coaching the national team (five coaches)?

Or in the professional football system?

Or in the professional players who train two hours in their clubs and work in the morning shift? Is there a profession title for a professional player in the professional football system in our league?

Or is our professionalism on paper?

And do we deceive the sports street that our players are professionals and they are in fact (amateurs)?

Which led to an imbalance in the results of the team.

The team's results may improve from one match to the next, but they return to decline again because the work obstacles have not been resolved.

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