, Lhasa, January 31 (Reporter Zhao Lang) On the 30th, a 5-a-side football match involving women kicked off in Lhasa at an altitude of 3,650 meters.

The warm sun was shining, and fierce competition began on the green field.

Team E, made up of mothers, scored the first goal and scored four points in a row.

Facing a strong opponent, Team D, which is composed of high school students and college students, is somewhat powerless. The gap in age and experience keeps Team E far ahead.

The picture shows the two teams competing.

Photo by Zhao Lang

  In 2023, the "Welcome Cup" Cool Sports Lhasa amateur football 5-a-side (women's group) competition and the second "Yake Cup" women's 5-a-side exchange match are underway. This is also a rare women's football event in Tibet.

This game adopts a points system, with a total of 5 teams.

  Qimei Yuzhen, No. 11 player of Team E, is the mother of two children. According to her, the average age of the team members is nearly 30 years old. They all graduated from the Tibet Sports School with a football major and are now working as physical education teachers in various schools.

The picture shows a player serving from the sideline.

Photo by Zhao Lang

  Back on the court again, just like the "return to youth" written on their jerseys.

Qimei Yuzhen is 35 years old. Recalling her student days, she said: "In the first year of junior high school, I was selected to a sports school and studied football until graduation. During this period, I also represented Tibet in national college student competitions and U13 competitions."

The picture shows the two teams competing.

Photo by Zhao Lang

  She said frankly that at that time, except for the women's football team of the Tibet Sports School, almost no girls played football, and they usually played with boys.

She is especially happy to see so many female football fans today.

  Siqu Yangji, a 19-year-old freshman, was lucky to participate in this competition because of the winter vacation.

Joined the team on January 1, not long, but her love for football has been since childhood.

For this large-scale competition, this novice has very little experience.

She thinks it's good to go all out.

The picture shows Siqu Yangji (second from left) and the players listening to the coach's instructions before the game.

Photo by Zhao Lang

  On this day, grandpa and elder brother specially came to cheer her up.

She said: "In the beginning, the family felt that it was shameful for girls to play football. After persisting for so many years, the family was also affected and gradually fell in love with football."

  Regarding the far difference in scores, Siqu Yangji said that the players are working hard and there is still more room for improvement.

The photo is taken by Zhao Lang for team E winning the championship

  In the second game, Team B and Team E faced each other. Both teams were high school students and college students, and they were evenly matched.

During the competition, the thrilling goal made the audience applaud.

In this game, the reporter also met 2 players who had been interviewed, and one of them scored a goal as soon as he played.

  After 10 games, the points race was successfully completed.

Without any suspense, Team E won the championship and Team B won the runner-up.

The picture shows coach Tsering Wangje taking a group photo with the players.

Photo by Zhao Lang

  Coach Tsering Wangjie is one of the initiators of the women's football match. His other identity is a monk. He is very pleased that the match ended successfully.

After two interviews with the young coach, more than a month later, the dream of holding women's football matches finally came true.

He said frankly that it is not easy to plan and hold this amateur women's football match. The Sports Bureau of the Tibet Autonomous Region, the Lhasa City Sports Bureau, and the Lhasa Football Association have given great support, as well as sponsorship from private enterprises.

The picture shows Mei Yuzhen and her two children.

Photo by Zhao Lang

  In the interview, he also mentioned that the number of coaches in this competition is tight, the training time is short, the players are divided into different age groups, and there is still a lot of room for improvement.

Even with many shortcomings, the players are still very happy to have such a women's game.

  Tsering Wangjie said that the female football players in this match are all from the Lhasa Alternative Football Club. Now the club has more than 150 people, and the scale is gradually expanding.

He hopes that women's football matches can be held consecutively, and the enthusiasm for plateau football should be better released.