Faced with the strong demand of enterprises, the Spring Breeze Action launched by 11 departments including the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security is in full swing. It is expected that 30 million jobs will be created for workers during the event.

  Spring Breeze Action Recruitment is hot, providing 30 million jobs

  At the Spring Festival job fair in Wuhu, Anhui Province, there were a lot of people and there was an endless stream of job seekers.

This year's job fair attracted 357 companies to sign up for the fair, involving manufacturing, service industry, modern agriculture and other fields, providing 12,000 jobs.

  Zhang Lin, a staff member of the company: Our recruitment situation on site is very impressive, and there are also a lot of people who come to consult.

  There are 22 million migrant workers in Zhejiang, a major labor province. The Human Resources and Social Security Department of Zhejiang Province organized 106 overseas recruitment activities before the Spring Festival. It is currently enriching and expanding recruitment channels, increasing remote recruitment and live broadcasting.

  In Yiwu, a webcast job fair is in full swing.

More than 100 enterprises in and around Yiwu have brought 15,000 jobs, and the heads of the personnel departments of enterprises have entered the live broadcast room to recruit talents.

  Wu Xiaopeng, deputy director of corporate personnel: The government has been helping us to publicize since the first day of the new year. In fact, we have already taken the lead.

  Currently, Yiwu has launched a total of 13 online recruitment activities, attracting more than 1.2 million people to watch, and more than 20,000 people have initially reached employment intentions.

In addition, Yiwu also organized 6 groups of special teams to go to various parts of the country to recruit, and provided subsidies to migrant workers who returned to work early.

  Shen Shaomin, a staff member of the personnel department of the company: a 500 yuan subsidy red envelope will be issued to each person. If you bring a family, an additional 1,000 yuan subsidy red envelope will be issued to help us attract talents from all over the world.

  Yun Donglai, deputy director of the Employment Promotion Department of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security: Judging from the online and offline recruitment activities that have been held in various places, the number of workers entering the site to seek jobs has increased compared with previous years. Up to now, more than 6,000 recruitment activities have been held nationwide More than 5 million jobs were released, and it is estimated that 30 million jobs will be created for workers during the event.

  Returning to hometown employment boom in labor exporting provinces

  Provinces with large employment are trying to attract migrant workers to come to work, and some provinces that originally exported large labor services have also retained many migrant workers to work at their doorsteps during economic transformation and upgrading.

  During the Spring Festival this year, migrant workers who returned to Ganzhou from other places all received a text message, "Welcome to your hometown to find a job nearby, and you can choose from hundreds of jobs."

Several major labor exporting counties in Ganzhou have organized online and offline job fairs since the first day of the Lunar New Year, providing nearly 100,000 jobs, many of which are management and technical jobs.

  There are more jobs at the doorstep, complete categories, and better benefits, providing migrant workers with more and more choices.

In Anhui, many places have seized the development opportunities in industries such as electronic information technology and new chemical materials, and used various forms such as job fairs and "entrepreneurship fairs" to allow migrant workers to stay in the local area to find jobs and start businesses.

  Chen Cen, a corporate recruiter: Because our company has opened a new factory, we need a large number of personnel, technical production workers and management talents. We have brought 300 jobs here, and there are quite a lot of people (with) job hunting intentions. Including many who came back from other places.

  Pan Genfa, a job seeker: I (formerly) worked as an injection molding worker in Hangzhou. I saw (recruitment) online and thought I should come here quickly to see if I could find (job). Yes, how nice it is to be at the door of the house, and to be able to take care of the elderly and children.

  Xinyang, Henan develops textile and garment enterprises with a full industrial chain, and builds a 100 billion-level textile and garment industrial cluster.

They organized returning migrant workers to visit key enterprises, attracting more people to find employment at their doorstep.

  Li Hua, a job seeker from Huaibin County, Xinyang City: I also feel that it is not convenient to go out to work in other places. The textile enterprises in my hometown are doing so well, so I want to find a position as a car operator locally.

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