At the foot of Helan Mountain, a railway stretches lonely among the valleys.

On the Pingru Branch Line, the most important coal transportation channel in northern Ningxia, girls from the No. 2 Work Area of ​​the Rail Flaw Detection Workshop in Yinchuan Engineering Section of the Lanzhou Railway Bureau stood firm in the cold wind and carried out "physical examination" on the rails.

  At 9:52 on January 27, a green leather train No. 7524 with only 5 carriages slowly entered Dadenggou Station.

After the train came to a complete stop, several girls in railway overalls lifted 4 heavy flaw detectors off the train and stood in a row on the platform.

  "Counting tools, uploading photos, and contacting the station for orders." After making preparations proficiently, Lu Ye made a division of labor, "After a while, Shan Jinhui took Sun Zhixiu, Guo Fang, and Zhang Xi to the single-numbered turnout, and the rest People and I go to the double number switch."

  26-year-old Lv Ye is the squad leader of the women's flaw detection team. Although she is young, she is a leader in the field of rail flaw detection. All Road Locomotive Medal, National Youth Post Technical Expert Winner and National May 1st Heroine Model.

  At 10 o'clock sharp, they stepped off the platform and started their day's homework.

  "The road is snowy and slippery today, everyone should pay attention to safety when walking!" Lu Ye reminded everyone.

  "For flaw detectors, bending, squatting, and laying on the rails are the basic movements. The knees are in contact with the rails all year round, and it is commonplace to be burned and frostbitten." Lu Ye said, after checking all the double-numbered switches, she and the team Personnel had to lie down on the cold steel rails for more than 160 times.

  At 13:00, Lu Ye's team finished the work on the skylight. They found a shelter from the wind on the platform and hurriedly finished their lunch with a pancake and a bag of mustard.

"Because of the nature of the work, our lunch is all settled on the spot. It is cold in winter, and Sister Ye even made us small cotton bags to keep warm." Shan Jinhui said.

  They have to go up and down frequently to avoid trains, keep carrying flaw detection equipment from the high railway embankment to the stage, and walk more than 20,000 steps on stone ballast every day.

  While waiting for the return train, Lu Ye and the crew began to process and analyze the operation data of the day. The low temperature of minus 16 degrees Celsius made their faces and hands red from the cold.

  At 15:25, train No. 7523 stopped at Dadenggou Station. Lu Ye led the girls on board the train. It took 2 hours and 14 minutes to return to Yinchuan from Dadenggou. In the empty carriage, they quickly fell asleep. .

  The Spring Festival is the busiest time for winter coal transportation on the Pingru Branch Line.

Lu Ye led the girls of the women's flaw detection team to stick to their posts and guard the safety of the train.

  (Guangming Daily reporter Wang Jianhong and Zhang Wenpan correspondent Wang Zhijin)