Sexual abuse allegations against Marilyn Manson continue.

After allegations by actresses like Evan Rachel Wood ("Westworld") and Esmé Bianco ("Game of Thrones"), an anonymous alleged victim in New York has now filed a civil lawsuit against the musician.

The woman accuses Manson of first molesting her in 1995 after a performance on board a tour bus.

As the plaintiff stated, she was 16 years old at the time.

After moving to Los Angeles, the attacks by the fifty-four-year-old are said to have repeated.

During a tour in 1999, Manson also allegedly forced her to have sex with members of his band and a staff member.

Manson denies allegations of "underhand lies".

Through his lawyer Howard King, the musician, whose real name is Brian Warner, has meanwhile dismissed the allegations as “underhand lies”.

The lawsuit is an attempt to bleed Manson financially.

In the past three years, allegations of rape and abuse against the singer (“Don't Chase The Dead”) have repeatedly been raised.

Various civil lawsuits were dismissed due to the statute of limitations.

The results of the investigations by the Los Angeles public prosecutor's office are still pending.

District Attorney George Gascon said in September last year there was insufficient evidence to charge the singer with sexual abuse and domestic violence charges.

He referred to continued "patchy" evidence of possible assaults in the years 2009 to 2011. The first allegations against Manson were made in early 2021, when actresses Evan Rachel Wood and Esmé Bianco accused him of forcing them to have sex, psychologically pressuring them and to have tormented.

Other women later shared similar experiences with the 53-year-old musician ("Don't Chase The Dead").

At the time, California Senator Susan Rubio called on the federal police and the federal attorney's office to investigate Manson, whose real name is Brian Hugh Warner.

A few days later, the Los Angeles County Sheriff announced that it was investigating the allegations.