Actor Lee Beom-soo submitted a letter of resignation to Shinhan University, where he was a professor.

On the 31st, an official from his agency Big Punch Entertainment said, "It is true that Lee Beom-soo recently submitted his resignation letter to Shinhan University."

Lee Beom-soo was embroiled in controversy last year for allegedly beating the students of the Department of Performing Arts at Shinhan University who were attending classes for a long time.

Mr. A, who introduced himself as a student of Shinhan University's Department of Performing Arts, posted on the online community, "Beom-soo Lee discriminated against students by dividing the class into classes based on income level", "Beom-soo Lee's power-breaking forced more than half of the students to drop out and take a leave of absence", "Students Abusive language and swearing were rampant, and he is not conducting classes according to his schedule."

In response, Lee Beom-soo's side refuted, saying, "It is not true at all."

Through the agency, "Lee Beom-soo will diligently participate in Shinhan University's upcoming audit and resolve all suspicions. Furthermore, we will sternly proceed with criminal complaints against malicious content, posts, and insulting malicious comments based on false facts." revealed

Shinhan University also launched an investigation into the suspicion of power abuse.

The Human Rights Center on campus is investigating whether students are harmed, and the Legal Audit Office is investigating the class.

Among them, it was reported that Lee Beom-soo was dismissed from his position as the dean of the Department of Performing Arts, a position he had held since 2014, on the 19th.

Regarding this, the school said, "It has nothing to do with the so-called 'abuse of power controversy' against Lee Beom-soo. As the academic structure was reorganized this year and the Department of Performing Arts changed to the Department of Performing Arts, the head of the department disappeared.

However, Lee Beom-soo submitted a letter of resignation in about 10 days, ending his 9-year relationship with Shinhan University.

(Reporter Kim Ji-hye of SBS Entertainment News)