"Compete" and scammers


Yousef al-Sharif


01 February 2023

During the past days, the news of the imprisonment of a company owner who fraudulently obtained sums of money for himself from (296) trainees in the Nafes program sparked a lot of controversy on social media, and also no citizen hesitated to spread the news on all platforms, and through WhatsApp groups. Father”, to reveal his true identity, as he required the trainees to pay sums of money, claiming that it was part of an initiative to donate to charity, and threatened them that if they did not pay him, he would evaluate their training with a (fail) score.

The Nafas program is nothing but an initiative to enable our youth and workforce to enter the private sector, and we really are in dire need of this kind of program, to encourage the entry of citizens into the labor market in the private sector, but we must not overlook that there are those who will try to circumvent this system, or On the laws governing it, or even exploiting it to evade paying the full salary to citizens working in the private sector.

And let us return to the issue of training, as what happened with our fraudster friend, this incident may be repeated many times in the future, unfortunately there are those who exploit this matter to gain from it, and in return, there are young people who are ready to pay in return for obtaining proof that they have received training, in When they did not get it at all, and this is also a problem, and the owner of the company and the person who defrauds the program must be held accountable with such actions. The basis is to support the capabilities of young people and empower them with skills, and not just defrauding the system and trying to prove that the issue is just ink on paper and false certificates and experiences.

The private sector in the country is a sector rich in many high-level jobs, and there is room for citizens to be involved in it without “nafes” incurring any material obligations, bonuses or privileges. There are large private companies that pay fantastic salaries to their employees, and qualified citizens must be included in these Opportunities, and it is inconceivable that there is a global or even a local company that pays a high salary to its employee and provides him with school allowances and travel tickets, and comes to the citizen employee and wants support from “Nafes”, this point must be taken into account!

Those who do this must also be held accountable.

There are 50,000 citizens working in the private sector. This was reported by the Secretary-General of “Nafis” Ghannam Al Mazrouei, and this is a good number, and it adds a lot to the future of our national sectors, but the most important question is;

What is the percentage of citizens who work in senior management positions?

Or how many citizens receive the management of major projects?!

It is our duty to provide statistics and answers to this question, so that we can enhance the presence of citizens in such centers that we need to maintain a high level of national competencies.

A few days ago, it was announced that there would be a prize to be presented to Nafis members, whether for citizens working in the private sector or for companies. On the other hand, there must be a real evaluation of all categories of participants in “Nafes”, and penalties should be put in place to make those who deceive or disregard “Nafes” and its rules think carefully before committing to such transgressions. All newspapers and platforms, he will make many people like him stop practicing this kind of trickery.

In the end, our youth and national cadres must be aware of the importance of “Nafes”, and that none of them should be a partner in fraud or assist fraudsters in reaching their goals, by reporting any transgression, and the participating institutions must have a high level of responsibility towards the nation. The one who takes his land as a center for carrying out its business, by returning the favor to his children by providing them with opportunities within a real competition for the jobs and positions available to them.



Lawyer and media writer

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