In this year's spring labor offensive, the labor organization "Zenroren", in order to protect the lives of workers from soaring prices, combined the amount equivalent to the base increase and the regular salary increase, 10% or more of the wage, 30,000 yen per month. I decided to ask for a higher wage.

The Zenroren and the National Trade Union Confederation, which has approximately 700,000 members, held a press conference in Tokyo on the 30th and clarified the policy for this year's spring struggle.

According to this, in light of soaring prices, the wages of all workers, including non-regular workers, will be 10% or more of the wages, including the amount equivalent to the base increase and the regular wage increase, or 30,000 yen or more per month. I am asking for a pay raise.

In addition, labor and management have concluded an agreement, and the company's minimum wage, which applies to all workers in the same workplace, is a policy of requiring an hourly wage of 1,500 yen or more and a monthly wage of 225,000 yen or more.

Masako Obata, chairman of the Zenroren, said, "There is no stopping the decline in real wages, and the rise in prices for the first time in 41 years is threatening people's livelihoods, and the impact on low-wage workers such as non-regular workers in particular will not be measured. I don't know. If the answer is unsatisfactory, we will carry out a strike and press for the realization of the demand."

Unions affiliated with Zenroren will submit a request to management in February, and negotiations will begin in earnest.