In preparation for the G7 Hiroshima Summit in May this year, guard training for key figures was held in Hiroshima City, and the guards also confirmed how to respond to gun attacks.

"Hiroshima Prefectural Police Summit Security Guards," who are in charge of guarding dignitaries at the Hiroshima Summit, participated in the training, in which about 100 people participated, in addition to attacks with knives, one of the audience fired at dignitaries who arrived at the venue. It was also done with the assumption that

After the guards pinned the shooter to the ground, other guards immediately loaded the dignitaries into their vehicles and scrambled away from the scene.

In response to the incident in which former Prime Minister Abe was shot and killed, the National Police Agency has revised the "guard guidelines" that stipulate the basic items of guarding, and the training on the 30th is based on these new rules. It means that it was done

Superintendent Haruki Ikeoka, a summit bodyguard who participated in the training, said, "Assuming that an unforeseen situation may occur, I want to complete my mission at the Hiroshima Summit with the awareness that it is the last line of defense to protect important people. I was talking.