(New Year's news) Sanya Nanfan: Experts are concerned about "one acre and three points of land", spreading hope in winter and spring

  China News Agency, Sanya, January 29th, title: Sanya Nanfan: Experts are concerned about "one acre and three points of land", spreading hope in winter and spring

  Author Zhang Yuehe

  "This corn is sweet and full of water, so it can be eaten raw." At the Sanya Nanfan Base, Ding Zhongfang, manager and senior agronomist of Sichuan Aolixing Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., took out "fruit corn" for reporters to taste.

Ding Zhongfang said that it took nearly ten years to develop "Fruit Corn", and it would have taken longer if it weren't for Nanfan.

  The light and temperature conditions in the southern part of Hainan Island are suitable for crop breeding. Every winter and spring, tens of thousands of agricultural science and technology workers gather here from all over the country.

In Sanya alone, more than 200 southern breeding institutions and about 8,000 scientific research staff from more than 15 provinces come to engage in southern breeding work every year.

  During the Spring Festival, the reporter saw in Sanya that many agricultural science and technology workers were busy in the fields or laboratories of the Sanya Nanfan Base.

"I used to celebrate the Spring Festival at home, and my heart was not at ease. I was always thinking about this three-acre land." This year is Ding Zhongfangnan's 30th year of breeding, and he did not go home during the Spring Festival holiday.

  Although there is a regret of not going home during the Spring Festival, the harvest in the fields gives the "Nanfan people" a sense of accomplishment.

  "In the next two days, we will be preparing to sow the next generation. The biggest breakthrough in Hainan this year is to find the time point for the third generation of rice breeding." In addition to corn, the rice planted by Ding Zhongfang is also close to maturity.

He said that according to the normal growth rate of crops, it takes at least six years to breed a new variety, and this time can be shortened by half or more through southern breeding. "People who used to study breeding may only develop one new variety in a lifetime , now it is possible to research a few more through Nanfan."

  "The environment of southern breeding is a paradise for breeders." Dai Zhongren, the director of the tomato project of Harbin Academy of Agricultural Sciences, came to Hainan for the first time to conduct southern breeding. The tomatoes he brought lost a lot due to diseases during the breeding process." This is also beneficial, indicating that the remaining two tomato seedlings have strong disease resistance, and one of them is growing very gratifyingly, which is like a precious material."

  In Dai Zhongren's tomato field, there are purple tomatoes rich in anthocyanins, tomatoes with tender fruit shaped like peanuts, and fruit tomatoes with sweet and sour taste... Dai Zhongren said that tomato seedlings are like their own children and need daily care .

He also thought of the name of the new variety in advance, "It's called Cream Tomato, because the tender fruit of this variety is white after successful cultivation, like cream."

  "Our research has achieved phased results. From my personal project, I have selected an ideal strain." Fan Shaozhu, deputy director of the Science and Technology Planning and Development Division of Harbin Academy of Agricultural Sciences and host of the eggplant genetics and breeding project, was interviewed Say.

  This year's Spring Festival is catching up with the pollination period of corn. Dr. Chen Ming from the National Corn Improvement Center of the Agricultural College of China Agricultural University is busy pollinating corn on the first day of the new year. If there are no agricultural workers during the holiday, he will call other Nanbian breeding experts. help.

The direction Chen Ming is researching is the dehydration of corn kernels, with the purpose of reducing the damage rate of corn kernels during mechanized harvesting.

"Through breeding in the south, the yield of crops is higher and the quality is better, and the varieties developed are promoted on a large scale, and we will feel very fulfilled in our hearts."

  Nanfan Seed Industry is one of the three major "future industries" that Hainan Free Trade Port will focus on. In recent years, Hainan has vigorously promoted the construction of Nanfan Base.

Fan Shaozhu, who has been engaged in breeding in Hainan for 15 years, said that the Nanfan base has created a good scientific research environment for breeders, attracting more and more agricultural experts to come to Hainan for breeding and production, and also provides a learning and exchange platform for breeders .

  Many retired scientific researchers in the Nanfan base are still active in the front line.

Chen Ming said that many breeders in their 80s often go to the field. "Breeding means that one generation catches up with the next. Every generation can see a little progress, and every generation of sowing has new hope." (End)