Regarding the cult Aleph, which changed its name from Aum Shinrikyo, the Public Security Intelligence Agency has banned the use of facilities and receiving donations for six months, stating that some of the required activity reports have not been made, preventing a recurrence. I requested that the penalty be applied.

The cult "Aleph", which changed its name from Aum Shinrikyo, is subject to observation based on the "Organization Regulation Law", and the Public Security Intelligence Agency, which is monitoring it, checks the actual status of activities such as bases and assets every three months. Requires reporting.

However, in the report of "Aleph", the amount of assets has decreased rapidly since three years ago, and there is a risk of hiding assets, and there is no description of the number of minor believers, land and buildings owned, etc. The Public Security Intelligence Agency requested the Public Security Examination Commission to apply recurrence prevention measures.

Specifically, it calls for a 6-month ban on the use of 13 of the approximately 20 cult facilities nationwide and the cult from receiving donations.

This is the second request for disposition following the year before.

The Public Security Examination Commission will also listen to the opinions of the Aleph side in the future and decide whether to issue disciplinary action.

The Public Security Intelligence Agency commented, ``We requested a disposition in order to quickly grasp the danger of indiscriminate mass murder.''