A rare baby tree kangaroo was born in Paris' zoo "La Ménagerie".

Although it was probably born months ago, the zoo keepers only recently caught a glimpse of the little one, the zoo announced on Monday.

In mid-December they saw a paw, and at the end of December the boy peeked out of his mom Kau Kau's pouch.

The little pink head of the young tree kangaroo is not yet covered with fur.

The zoo keepers assume that the little one was born in July.

At that time it only weighed one gram.

After birth, it climbed into its mother's pouch.

Soon enough, it might dare to step out of the pouch.

The offspring should leave the zoo before their second birthday to meet other tree kangaroos.

The daddy of the kangaroo baby is Saleb, who was born in Krefeld Zoo.

Tree kangaroos are native to Papua New Guinea.

The marsupial species is considered critically endangered.

According to the Paris Zoo, reproduction is rarely successful.

Around 40 percent of the approximately 500 animals in the “La Ménagerie” zoo are endangered species.