Six years ago, a 48-year-old defendant accused of murdering a couple in their 80s in Nagoya and stealing their wallet was sentenced to life imprisonment on the grounds that the robbery-murder charge was not established. A redo lay judge trial has begun.

Defense attorneys and prosecutors disagreed over whether the robbery was intended.

In March 2017, defendant Hiroshi Yamada (48) stabbed and killed a couple aged 83 and 80 who lived near his apartment in Nagoya with a knife, and was charged with robbery and murder for stealing their wallets. was asked.

In the original lay judge trial in the first trial, it was determined that the death penalty was not a robbery murder but a crime of murder and theft, and sentenced him to life imprisonment. I ordered the first trial to be redone on the premise that there was

At the repeated lay judge trial that began at the Nagoya District Court on the 30th, the defendant's lawyer reiterated that it was "murder and theft, not robbery and murder." It was an ad hoc action that I couldn't stop myself from, and I didn't have a plan."

On the other hand, the prosecution said, ``The defendant was worried about his debt,'' etc., and argued that the robbery-murder would be established for the crime for money, and that he should be sentenced to death because he was responsible. said.