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Editor Jeon Min-jae] Actress Lee Chung-ah revealed the behind-the-scenes of the music video for Buzz's 'Coward', which appeared 18 years ago.

On the 28th, a video titled "What if Lee Cheong-ah, the female lead of Buzz 'Coward', watched the bullet necklace scene again?" was uploaded on Lee Chung-ah's official YouTube channel on the 28th.

On this day, Lee Chung-ah left her impression while re-watching the music videos she appeared in in her past.

Lee Chung-ah said, "There is a blockbuster music video. (At the time), I filmed it with Min Kyung-hoon, the most popular Buzz." Introducing the coward.

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Lee Chung-ah, who played a jazz singer in the music video at the time, said, "Because I was a singer, I had to memorize the song 'Sway' in its entirety." couldn't

Then, when asked if he had seen his face on the karaoke screen, he said, "Yes. If you go together, your friends will deliberately sing 'Coward' once in a while." I think so," he said, laughing.

Regarding singer Lyn's 'I Loved You...', her first music video appearance, Lee Chung-ah said, "The role I played at that time had a habit of sticking my hair in my ear when I was shy. I remember it." I fell in love with memories saying, "It's so cute. It's a real baby."

When asked about the difference between drama and music video acting, Lee Chung-ah explained, "There are no lines, but there are situations. It's awkward to keep acting silently, so we ad-lib or speak to each other according to the situation."

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Also, regarding singer Gummy's 'Things I Can't Do' music video, which was filmed while citizens were actually using the subway, he said, "I couldn't stop the actual passersby. So the situation changed every time I filmed it."

At the same time, Lee Chung-ah said, "(Situation) I was so upset that I cried, but when a lot of people came around, I lowered my head because I was embarrassed. It was amazing that it was included in the film as it is,” he said.

Finally, Lee Chung-ah said, "The music video is a bit good. I like acting the best."

Lee Chung-ah, who is 19 years old since her debut, has appeared in a total of 7 music videos including Rin, Buzz, and Gummy, as well as group VOS and singer Lee Seung-cheol, leading the mood of the song.

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