It will be set up at the Tokyo National Museum from the 31st, where you can appreciate the national treasures related to Horyuji, which are usually rarely exhibited, in high-definition digital images shot with the latest 8K technology. Published.

The Illustrated Biography of Prince Shotoku, which has been handed down at Horyuji Temple, depicts the life of Prince Shotoku by Chisada Hata, a Heian period painter.

At the Tokyo National Museum, from the 31st, we will set up an exhibition that can be viewed as a high-definition digital image by shooting this "Prince Shotoku Illustrated Biography" with 8K technology.

The image is displayed on the monitor, and you can enlarge or reduce it by operating the tablet terminal at hand, and you can also display an explanation about the image.

At the venue, a full-size reproduction panel that reproduces the texture of the real thing will be exhibited, and you can enjoy comparing it with the digital image.

Mr. Masanori Nishiki of the Center for the Utilization of Cultural Properties of the National Institutes for Cultural Heritage, who planned the exhibition, said, "There are only limited opportunities to display the real thing, so I would like you to take this opportunity to appreciate the details and appreciate the charm of the cultural property. I was talking.

This "Digital Museum of Horyuji Treasures" will be on display at the Tokyo National Museum from January 31st.