Recently, 546 new firefighters from 29 prefectures and cities in Henan and Heilongjiang provinces underwent induction training in minus 30°C weather in the new training brigade of the Forest Fire Corps of Heilongjiang Province.

  The brigade adheres to the basic requirements of "training according to guidelines, organizing training scientifically, and strictly grasping training", adopts the steps of first theory and then practice, and first basic and then upgrading, and solidly develops basic queue movements, professional basic skills and adaptive physical training.

During the training process, the brigade adhered to the "three-combination" mode of combining indoor and outdoor, combining basic skills and skills, and combining skills and physical fitness. Differences in quality, scientific setting of content, flexible training methods, adherence to individual teaching, to ensure the quality and effect of training.

  It is understood that the new training work is expected to end at the end of April this year. After the new training work is over, the new firefighters will go to grassroots posts in different regions to undertake comprehensive emergency rescue tasks such as forest fire prevention and fire fighting, flood fighting and rescue, and water rescue, so as to inject more resources into grassroots rescue forces. fresh blood.

  (Liu Lu produced by Wang Chaochuxu)

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]