[Data] Bao Shuo dispatched "Tianwen No. 1" to land


Judging by telemetry, the landing patrol has switched to uncontrolled mode!

  [Same period] Bao Shuo, member of the scheduling team of Beijing Aerospace Flight Control Center

  My name is Bao Shuo, and I am from the scheduling team of the Beijing Aerospace Flight Control Center. I was mainly responsible for the Tianwen-1 fire detection mission, the lunar surface sampling and return mission of Chang’e-5, and the Wentian experimental module of the space station.

  【Subtitles】Bao Shuo "post-90s", "Tianwen-1" Beijing chief dispatcher, "Chang'e-5" lunar surface sampling Beijing dispatcher, space station Wentian experimental module Beijing chief dispatcher

  [Same period] Bao Shuo, member of the scheduling team of Beijing Aerospace Flight Control Center

  In fact, I was not engaged in the field of aerospace.

The first is the uplink control post, which is the post responsible for sending commands to the spacecraft.

Later, I also experienced the experience of satellite communication, including mission planning, and then one day our dispatch team leader "Brother God", he asked me if he would like to come to us for training?

Then I never had a girl before, and I thought it was quite fresh not to have a girl.

Then I said that I would like to challenge myself.

  In fact, "Beijing understands" is just one of our many dispatching passwords, and when we answer this sentence, it means that I understand what you are reporting to me, what impact it has, and how to deal with it in the future.

It is necessary to have a systematic understanding of the large system of the entire task, and what each point number does, and then be able to sit in this position and perform the task.

  The first time I was dispatched, the master who was next to me temporarily told me to call the next sentence. At that time, I was really nervous and didn't know how to speak.

Then after saying this sentence, the hall was abnormally quiet for two or three seconds, and then I kept thinking if I said something wrong, and then the voice was not right, or what state was not right?

Someone may be familiar with me, and then remind me that your voice may be (too tender).

Then I will train myself later, and then change my voice.

  I feel that dispatching this position is actually an all-round challenge for people's energy, physical strength, concentration, and some reactions to encountering things, and then including its emergency response capabilities.

I feel that the most difficult thing should be the lunar surface sampling of Chang'e-5, because we need to complete the task of sampling and packaging within a fixed 48 hours, and it is the environment of the lunar surface. In fact, although we try to imitate it as much as possible on the ground , and then to train our system and personnel, but there are still many unexpected situations to happen after we actually reach the moon.

Because we need to use something like a drill bit, and then reach out to the bottom of the moon's surface to drill the soil, but when we drill to a certain depth, we encounter this very hard rock.

Then, when we brought it up, it was also because of some rocks stuck in the sampling bag.

At that time, it was really the feeling that my heart went up to my throat.

But our fastest time on the actual task was 37 minutes.

During ground drills, it takes two to three hours to dig a shovelful of soil.

  I think there is actually no difference between girls and boys doing aerospace, and everyone is equally dedicated to their careers.

We are also on night shift, staying up all night, and preparing for tasks.

  In fact, although you have seen that I am the only girl in the dispatching position, there are many experts in various positions in our overall orbit control or current colleagues have girls, and there are also many girls working in this position, so I think that as long as everyone has spaceflight If you have dreams and ideals, you can work hard for them.

  Reporter Wen Mengxin reports from Beijing

Responsible editor: [Zhou Chi]