China News Service, Wuxi, January 29th (Reporter Sun Quan) On January 28th, a boy in Wuxi, Jiangsu chased and beat a peacock at the Wuxi Zoo, which aroused public attention.

On the 29th, Wuxi Zoo issued a statement on the matter.

  The statement mentioned that at noon on January 28 this year, a boy chased and attacked a peacock in Peacock Creek in Wuxi Zoo. The breeder immediately stopped the boy's behavior and gave him an oral education.

  The reporter saw in a video uploaded by other tourists on the Internet that a boy suddenly rushed into Peacock Creek, grabbed a peacock by its tail, lifted it up, and beat it to the ground many times. The tourists on the side tried to stop it but failed.

  According to the description of the breeder who was present at the time, after he found that the boy rushed into the peacock activity area to chase and beat an adult male peacock, he stepped forward to stop it immediately and "saved" the peacock.

  The staff of Wuxi Zoo told the reporter that the attacked peacock is fine and has been isolated for observation.

"The veterinarian conducted a general examination on the peacock and found that it had scratches on its chest, its coat was messy, and its mental state was average. It will continue to be observed in the next few days, and it will be sent to Peacock Creek after recovery."

  "During the Spring Festival, our zoo is free to enter the park, so there are a lot of tourists. Before the incident, we increased the manpower to patrol the animal activities, and also set up a public sign of 'Do not chase animals', but unfortunately , or something like this happened.” The staff of Wuxi Zoo said that Peacock Creek itself is a relatively open area, and stones are used to separate the tourist trails from the animal activity area. Generally, tourists will not enter the animal activity area.

"I hope that the majority of tourists will visit the park in a civilized manner and care for animals." (End)