- For it to be a really good performance, the audience must be active, says Östlund.

During the film festival in Gothenburg, he showed his Guldbagge award-winning and Oscar-nominated film "Triangle of sadness" while instructing the audience to react strongly to what they saw.

- There is a huge difference between watching something yourself when you scroll on an individual screen, compared to sitting next to someone in a cinema, says Ruben Östlund.

Want filmmakers to tour

The 2022 attendance figures for Swedish cinemas were weak and ten of the most watched films were American. 

In order to promote Swedish film and increase cinema viewing in Sweden, Ruben Östlund has a proposal for the Swedish Film Institute. 

- It is that we who produce films and receive support from the Swedish Film Institute must travel around to different cities in the country.

There, we can provide cinema owners with events that they can sell to their audience, explains Östlund.

He hopes that the proposal can attract more people to choose a cinema visit instead of watching their own screen at home. 

- It will be a cultural center in the city.

We will simply create a common arena. 

About the Oscars chances

Ruben Östlund's film "Triangle of sadness" was awarded six prizes at the Guldbagge Gala and is three times Oscar-nominated in the categories of best film, original script and direction. 

- "Triangle of sadness" works very well in the cinema room and if you watch it together with others and get an experience of it, then I actually think it might have a chance, says Östlund. 

Any particular category you hope to win?

- Directing or best film are the best.

Any of them, it doesn't matter which.

See how Ruben Östlund directed the audience in the clip above.