How big will the strike against the pension reform be on Tuesday?

To have a first indicator, transport forecasts are often essential, both because we can see mobilization in the profession and for the disruptions caused in other sectors.

On RTL, the Minister of Transport Clément Beaune took the lead: “it will be a difficult or even very difficult day in public transport”.

"So all those who can organize themselves to telework, to postpone a trip, it's better" because "there will be strong disruptions", commented the minister, interviewed on the radio program Le Grand Jury.

“I will do everything, with the SNCF, the RATP, the major public transport operators (…) so that we limit the impact on the daily life and the movements of the French people as much as possible, it will not be great, but we will try to do the best, ”he added.

"To waste the weekends of departure on vacation, it is not serious"

SNCF and RATP must give their traffic forecasts at the end of the day.

In addition to Tuesday, the CGT did not rule out actions on rail transport during the school holidays, which begin the weekend of February 4 for zone A. "We have the right to strike" but "to spoil the weekends of departure or return from vacation (…) it is not serious”, criticized Clément Beaune.

Asked also about the fire of electric cables in a signal box in Seine-et-Marne which caused the shutdown of the Gare de l'Est all day Tuesday and hampered traffic Wednesday, the minister evoked like the SNCF, a "sabotage", and "a very serious voluntary incident".

"It's probably people who know how it works," he said, without further details.

As part of the investigation opened by the Meaux prosecutor's office (Seine-et-Marne), "everything is mobilized to find traces of fingerprints, and others", knowing that "there was no video- protection”, at the location of the disaster, he added.


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