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Pedro Almodóvar

said ,

and he said it yesterday as

the Feroz Award of Honor

when the Feroz Awards have the honor of

celebrating their 10th anniversary,

that cinema for him was always from the first frame he saw projected on a screen more real than his own reality.

It was not clear if the statement was a wish, a hope, or simply a description of a fact.

A fact that is also desire.

And hope.

Be that as it may, it rarely happens that things coincide, that the film directors are right and that the cinema acquires the real dimension of a shared desire.

The year 2022 will go down in the history of Spanish cinema for being one of its most brilliant moments in its history.

One film won the Golden Bear in Berlin, another was designated by the conspicuous French critic (which is not just any conspicuous critic) as the best of the year and all the international festivals in the world (from Sundance to Cannes passing through Locarno, Rotterdam, Venice , Karlovy Vary and San Sebastián) had at least one film produced in Spain in their official sections.

In short, a year as real as it is fierce.

For all these reasons, it seemed unfair that the tenth edition of the Feroz Awards granted by the Association of Film Informants was somewhat fierce.

And, like the lottery, very distributed.

'As bestas',


Rodrigo Sorogoyen,

was chosen as the drama of the year.

Thus a beautiful circle was closed.

In 2014, the year the awards began,


, which was the director's second film, was the winner in this same category.

Well, start over.

His were also the awards for best supporting actor for the indisputable

Luis Zahera

and for music by

Oliver Arson.

The rural drama written with two hands by Isabel Peña and the director himself recounted this way

with three '



Beside him, '


', by Carla Simón, won the statuette for

Director of the Year.

In an ideal world, and therefore fair, the awards for best film and best director should be interchangeable.

Completing the holy (or pagan) trinity of the season,

'Cinco lobitos'

, by

Alauda Ruiz de Azúa,

was the winner in the script sections, signed by the director herself, and in the performances of the leading and supporting actresses.

In order, the two huge ones,

Laia Costa and Susi Sánchez.

The list of film awards was completed by

Nacho Sánchez,

who is the leading actor in '


' (this murky portrait of what boils inside and signed by director

Carlos Vermut

would also win the award for best poster designed by the director himself);

the trailer for '


', by

Carlota Pereda,

and, last but not least, the comedy of the year which is none other than


Official Competition'


in which the Argentine directors

Gastón Duprat and Mariano Cohn

make, in order , Penélope Cruz, Antonio Banderas and Óscar Martínez look like few times before.

If to all this we add the special awards that are called '


' awards and that want to point out the hidden, the least exposed or, simply, the most vindicable that were given to '

La piedad',

by Eduardo Casanova, in the section fiction, and

'The visit and a secret garden',

by Irene M. Borrego, as non-fiction or documentary, now the list would be closed.

Little to add and something to regret.

And regret a lot.

It is misunderstood that '


', by Albert Serra, and '

El agua'

, by Elena López Riera, do not appear anywhere in the list of winners.

If this year has been extraordinary for something, it is for films like these, the two winners in the place that must be successful: Cannes.

Yes, the competition was great, but the absence weighs.


In the series section, two among all.


La ruta'

, by Borja Soler, Carlos Marqués-Marcet and Belén Funes, and '

I don't like to drive'

, by Borja Cobeaga, took practically everything despite '



Not only were they designated as the best drama and comedy television productions of the year respectively, but they also received the added awards for best script and best lead actor

(Claudia Salas)

, the first;

and leading and supporting actor

(Juan Diego Botto

in the glorious year of him and

David Lorente),

the second.

Only the award to

Patricia López Arnaiz,

for her work in '


', he dared to break the duopoly.

For the rest, the gala honored the importance of the year and the coincidence (which is also causality) of the anniversary.

Perhaps a little less wild than in previous editions, everything ran with due emotion in

an enthusiastic Zaragoza audience.

A good part of the presenters from previous editions gathered on stage and they all complied, made mistakes and even stumbled.

But everyone is also very aware that something happens when something changes.

The closest thing to a new cycle is what Spanish cinema is experiencing at this precise moment.

And it is just that it is so.

And it is fair that his godfather is a

Pedro Almodóvar

erected by right in light and guide of all that will come.

His memory of

Agustí Villaronga

It was, without a doubt, the most exciting.

And emotion, indeed, is much more real than reality itself.


Best dramatic film:

'As bestas'

Best Comedy Film:

'Official Competition'

Best Director:

Carla Simón for 'Alcarràs'

Best Leading Actress in a Movie:

Laia Costa for 'Five Wolves'

Best Leading Actor in a Movie:

Nacho Sánchez for 'Mantícora'

Best supporting actress in a movie:

Susi Sánchez for 'Cinco lobitos'

Best supporting actor in a film:

Luis Zahera for 'As bestas'

Feroz Feroz DAMA to the best screenplay for a film:

Alauda Ruiz de Azúa for 'Cinco lobitos'

Best Original Score:

Oliver Arson for 'As Bestas'

Best trailer:

Marta Longás for the final trailer of 'Cerdita'

Best poster:

Carlos Vermut for 'Mantícora'

Best Drama Series:

'The Route'

Best Comedy Series:

'I Don't Like Driving'

Best leading actress in a series:

Claudia Salas for 'La ruta'

Best leading actor in a series:

Juan Diego Botto for 'I don't like driving'

Best Supporting Actress in a Series:

Patricia López Arnaiz for 'Intimacy'

Best Supporting Actor in a Series:

David Lorente for 'I Don't Like Driving'

Feroz Feroz DAMA for the best script for a series:

Borja Soler, Roberto Martín Maiztegui, Clara Botas and Silvia Herreros de Tejada for 'La ruta'

Outburst of Fiction:

Mercy, by Eduardo Casanova.

Non-fiction outburst:

The visit and a secret garden, by Irene M. Borrego.

Ferocious of Honor 10th anniversary:

​​Pedro Almodóvar

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