Viva Magenta, the color of the year 2023.. at home

Pantone, the leading color-matching organization, has announced Viva Magenta as the color of the year 2023, as this color expresses the current cultural zeitgeist.

The Pantone Foundation described Viva Magenta, which is one of the shades of red, as expressing courage, strength and vitality, as it embraces the societal shift towards courage and new experiences.

Pantone's selection of these bright colors is an expression of a bright and happy year that can begin at home.

Whether you are looking to add a fresh splash of color to an existing color scheme, or set a vibrant backdrop for one of the rooms in your home, the designers at Interiors share tips on incorporating dark pink into décor to enhance activity and fun in the home atmosphere.

Interiors, the leading luxury furniture retailer in the UAE, offers an attractive assortment of items that include this year's Pantone color.

1. Use with neutral colours

Rooted in nature, Viva Magenta complements earthy tones such as pale beige, khaki and sandy grey.

Homeowners can use these neutral tones as a base before adding a touch of Viva Magenta to create a bold, coordinated look.

This can be done with a vibrant palette or with flowers that can enhance the beauty of a living space that has furniture in a neutral color.

2. Peonies in a glass vase

Handcrafted from the finest raw materials, these artificial peony flowers add a distinctive touch to any space.

And the flowers look as real as peonies found in nature.

The sparkling glass vase highlights the gorgeous color of the flowers.

3. Protea flowers in a glass vase

Similar to Pantone's color of the year Viva Magenta, Protea flowers are a symbol of change and transformation.

These flowers give a sense of positive energy and optimism, and elevate living spaces.

4. Paintings of roses

With the use of elegant canvases mounted in a warm silver frame with a satin back, it includes a gorgeous array of roses that add a touch of color and artistry to any room's ambience.

These rich Viva Magenta panels match the color of any room.

5. Upgrade the atmosphere of the living space

People who are looking to enhance the spirit of adventure and daring in their homes can choose a piece of furniture or decor that embodies the color of “Viva Magenta”.

This piece may be a relaxing seat or sofa that adds personality and elegance to the rest of the living room components, and leaves a long lasting impression.


The Indy sofa is a global innovation, offering a multitude of modes of use, from convertible into a bed to comfortable sofa mode, all without having to get up.

Finished in a soft purple hue, this unique sofa adds functionality and color to any contemporary home.


The Mondrian seat is light in weight and can comfortably adapt to the shape of the body when reclining, providing optimal levels of comfort.

This armchair, which comes in a striking red color, adds more boldness to the atmosphere of a modern living room or study room.

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