Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, January 28 (Reporters Wang Peng, Xu Xiaoqing, Wei Jingyu) Statistics released by the National Film Administration on the 28th show that the box office of the Spring Festival in 2023 will reach 6.758 billion yuan, ranking second in the box office of the Spring Festival in Chinese film history. .

Among them, "Man Jianghong" led the box office with 2.606 billion yuan, "The Wandering Earth 2" ranked second at the box office with 2.164 billion yuan, "Bear Infested: Be with me "Bear Core", "Unnamed", "Deep Sea" and "Exchange Life" ranked at the box office Ranked third to sixth.

  A comprehensive observation of the films released during the Spring Festival this year shows that they have various themes and types, showing the strong recovery of my country's film market and sparking a wave of movie-watching among audiences.

  Reproduce the charm of domestic science fiction movies

  The 2019 Spring Festival file "The Wandering Earth" was released, and its grand ice and snow spectacle and wonderful storytelling received a lot of praise from the audience.

"The Wandering Earth 2", which was released this year, continues to pursue new attempts and breakthroughs, exploring more possibilities for the development of domestic science fiction films.

  From the chronological order of the story, "The Wandering Earth 2" can be regarded as the prequel of "The Wandering Earth".

The film focuses on the experience of mankind joining hands to overcome difficulties and overcome difficulties in the early days of the solar crisis before the earth began to "wander".

  The temperature drops suddenly, huge waves roll, and meteorites strike... As the story progresses, "The Wandering Earth 2" presents many wonderful visual effects such as space elevators and moon debris falling to the ground.

"Through the use of 3D printing, digital lathe, laser engraving and other technologies, the production of film props is more efficient and more refined." Director Guo Fan said, "We also try to use technical means to sculpt the changes in the facial states of characters at different ages, so that The characters are more realistic and the storytelling is more contagious."

  Regarding the text creation of the film, Guo Fan introduced that in recent years, there have been more and more discussions about virtual worlds and metaverses, so "The Wandering Earth 2" introduced the concept of "digital life" to further understand the relationship between people and technology. Discuss more.

  "Action scenes and special effects are more attractive" "The core of the story is very moving, showing the values ​​of the Chinese people"... In the past few days, many viewers have shared their viewing experience on social networks.

  "Through the magnificent images, the film presents the grand and sophisticated future technological facilities, creating a shocking audio-visual power." Zhang Dexiang, vice chairman of the China Association of Literary Critics, said, ""The Wandering Earth 2" has the necessary texture. , It also shows the new height of Chinese film industrialization."

  Condensing high-spirited spiritual strength

  Many films in this year's Spring Festival show a strong sense of family and country, gathering upward spiritual power.

  The movie "Man Jiang Hong" uses the technique of "suspense + comedy" to tell about the life choices of a group of small people who are loyal and courageous, and then leads to Yue Fei's famous story "Man Jiang Hong".

Director Zhang Yimou said that we hope that the film can convey the understanding of history and Chinese culture. In the storytelling full of comedy elements, it will go straight to the theme, express feelings, and release moving power.

""Man Jianghong" is better than the full plot, which is exactly the aesthetic needs of mainstream audiences." Liu Haibo, a professor at the Shanghai Film Academy of Shanghai University, said.

Teng Haobo from Shandong said after watching the film that "Man Jianghong" is full of suspense, the performances of the actors are impressive, and the transitions and soundtrack are very distinctive.

These elements have greatly enhanced the artistic charm of the film and made it more emotionally impactful.

  "No Name" directed by Cheng Er has a distinct personal style.

The film is based on the underground espionage warfare during the Anti-Japanese War, tells the story of unsung heroes who fought on the hidden front, and shows their spirit of fearlessness and dedication.

Some viewers commented: ""No Name" uses a variety of narrative techniques such as flashbacks and interludes. The plot develops smoothly and has a lot of stamina."

  Create a festive and festive atmosphere

  Comedy and animated films have always been frequent visitors to the Spring Festival stalls.

Films such as "Exchanging Life", "Bear Infested: Stay with Me "Bear Core"" and "Deep Sea" released this year have achieved good box office results.

  Among them, "Exchanging Lives" is full of fantasy. The film not only has a hilarious storyline, but also conveys the warmth and love of the family, which fits the characteristics of the Spring Festival.

  For a long time, the "Bear Infested" series of big movies have run through the theme of being lively and uplifting, and also combined with current popular elements to seek breakthroughs. This year's "Bear Infested: Stay with Me "Bear Core"" is no exception.

The film focuses on love and family affection, and uses sci-fi imagination to call for warm companionship.

Rao Shuguang, president of the China Film Critics Society, said that "Bear Infested: Stay with Me "Bear Core" has made more improvements in the production level, opened up a broader field of vision in creation, and satisfied the modern audience's audio-visual needs by integrating technological elements. express new needs.

  In addition, the animated film "Deep Sea" tells the adventure of a modern girl who strays into the deep sea. By combining ink painting techniques with 3D technology, it presents the unique beauty of Chinese animation and achieves a high degree of integration of aesthetics and technology.

Looking at the domestic animation films released in recent years, they have gradually got rid of the creation of "young and young", and the movie-viewing group is no longer limited to "little hands holding big hands".